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Longevity Stream 2 Registration
The Longevity Lifestyle for an Ageless Body and an Ageless Mind

The Longevity Stream 2 Registration page is the place to sign-up for the third and final program in our Four Pillar Program series.

Here, once and for all, you learn the truth about the correct way to build a new you at the cellular level. What do you mean?

In the mainstream, half-truths, myths, and misinformation prevail when it comes to this all-important topic. There, you are presented with mixed messages and narrow fragments that keep you confused about your own life and longevity.

Here, you get all the information you need to move from the baseline of health you established in the second program, toward the next level of health, which is the threshold of longevity.

And, as you cross this threshold and enter into the final frontier, you learn to build an ageless body and an ageless mind. And, you will begin to feel the strength in your movements!

Longevity Benefits  

In terms of maintaining your:

  • function and form,
  • strength and flexibility,
  • mind and memory, and
  • looks and appearance,

nothing is more important than living the longevity lifestyle. But, once and for all, you need to get it right! The protocols, routines, techniques, and methods in the program are presented in an easy-to-use, appointment-based format to make sure that you do get it right.

After longevity stream 2 registration and participation in the program, you will receive the following life extension benefits:

You Progress toward the Threshold of Longevity: You migrate from a baseline of health toward the final level of health, which is the threshold of longevity.

Your Energy Level Soars to a New Level: After you cross the threshold into the longevity zone, your energy level soars because your cells are jumping for joy. Since proper nourishment and consistent movement are now weaved into your lifestyle, vim and vigor are your just rewards. 

You Get Both Nutrition and Exercise:  Nutritional protocols and exercise routines are both included in the program, which is the way it should be. You need them both! Because both nutrition and exercise are weaved though out the modules from beginning to end, you get a synergy that can't be found elsewhere.

You Stay Slim and Fit for Life: As the program progresses, the percentage of muscle mass will far outweigh the percentage of fat mass. This body composition will manifest itself in a slim, fit look, or just like you had in the days of your youth.

You Build an Ageless Body in terms of Functional Movement: You learn to rebuild and then maintain healthy joints, strong bones, and flexible muscles with age. These structural improvements allow you to keep and enhance your functional movement, which is needed for all facets of life.

Your Skin Takes on a New Firmness and Radiant Glow: This is a direct consequence of what you learn in the program about hydration and nourishment of your elastin and collagen fibres. Your new appearance will surprise not only you, but everyone you know.

You Build an Ageless Mind to Tackle New Endeavours: You learn how to nourish and exercise your brain for improved memory and cognitive function. Boomers in the longevity zone do not retire, but instead shift gears, follow a passion in life, and become super creative.    

You Remain Free of Disease: In the longevity realm, disease doesn't exist.

You Will Move Like You Did in Your Twenties: In fact, any adult who follows the longevity lifestyle will be able to dance and hike at 100+ years of age with a smile on his or her face. This is because he or she learned how to shift their biological age well below their chronological age. They have learned the secret!

"Search for the cure within the cause; the body itself is the best healer.”     ... by Plato

A message from Mr. Prevention ...

I am certain the longevity program will help you build an ageless body and an ageless mind after you cross the threshold into the longevity zone.  

Follow the appointments carefully, read the handouts, and weave the protocols, routines, techniques, and methods slowly into your lifestyle. Learn to apply them over and over again until they become second nature.

Remember, processes at the cellular level progress at their own pace. That is just how we are built. There are no quick fixes here. So, go slow and reap the benefits offered by the four pillars of health.

Along the way, your body will begin to reverse itself at the cellular level, your energy level will soar, your radiance will shine brightly, and you will participate in activities that you thought were impossible to do at your age.

The reason is because you have shifted your biological age to a point that is well below your actual age!    

And you will like the new you so much, you will never want to abandon the longevity lifestyle. I guarantee it ....

To your good health,

Mr. Prevention

Now, go feel the strength in your movements!

Longevity Stream 2 Registration

Registration Form: Use the form below when you feel it is the right time to sign-up for the Longevity Program Stream 2. This form is also your mechanism for feedback with us so feel free to use it for any questions and/or comments you have regarding the program. We will usually respond within two business days.

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