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Your FAQs

FAQs Index

Here, on the Your FAQs page, you will find pointers to 25 frequently asked questions about the following five topics:

  • weight loss
  • body changes
  • disease prevention
  • lifestyle issues
  • longevity factors

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive." ... by Howard Thurman

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Group A.  Your FAQs about Weight Loss

FAQ #1How can I lose weight for good?

Link to the Answer: Lose Weight for Good

FAQ #2:  How come my weight goes up and down like a yo-yo?

Link to the Answer: Weight Goes Up and Down 

FAQ #3How do I build a lean body?

Link to the  Answer:  Build a Lean Body

FAQ #4:  How do I get rid of bad eating habits and food addictions?

Link to the Answer: Bad Eating Habits

FAQ #5: I heard that diets don't work. Is that true?

Link to the Answer: Diets Don't Work

A trail scene in Heritage Park near the harbourfront in downtown Collingwood.A trail scene in Heritage Park near the harbourfront in downtown Collingwood. Speaking of losing weight, be sure to get out on the trails in your community, as often as possible.

Group B.  Your FAQs about Body Changes

FAQ #6How do I change my body?

Link to the Answer: Change my Body

FAQ #7:  How do I get in shape?

Link to the Answer: Get in Shape

FAQ #8What can I do to add more muscle?

Link to the Answer:  Add more Muscle

FAQ #9:  How do I get stronger physically?

Link to the Answer:  Get Stronger Physically

FAQ #10: How do I become aerobically fit?

Link to the Answer: Becoming Aerobically Fit

A scene from the beautiful Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail.Speaking of changing your body, hiking up and down hills is great for building lung power and heart strength, as well as adding size to the connective tissue near your hip and knee joints.

Group C.  Your FAQs about Disease Prevention

FAQ #11How do I avoid getting cancer?

Link to Answer: Avoid Getting Cancer

FAQ #12:  What can I do to prevent heart disease?

Link to Answer: Prevent Heart Disease

FAQ #13What should I do to prevent diabetes from setting in?

Link to Answer:  Prevent Diabetes

FAQ #14:  I have acquired a lot of material wealth, but I feel my body's health is quickly slipping away from me? How can I reverse this trend?

Link to Answer:  Health Slipping Away

FAQ #15I'm worried I might get a major disease? What should I do?

Link to Answer:  Getting a Major Disease

A pond scene from the Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail in Pretty River Park.A scene from the Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail in Pretty River Park. To help prevent disease, be sure to get out in Nature where you can breathe in the fresh air and soak up the sunshine.

Group D.  Your FAQs about Lifestyle Issues

FAQ #16I find it hard to sleep at night? Is this unhealthy?

Link to Answer: Hard to Sleep

FAQ #17:  How do I get rid of the constant stress that is in my body?

Link to Answer: Constant Stress

FAQ #18How can I find time for exercise?

Link to Answer:  Find time for Exercise

FAQ #19:  What should I do to cleanse my body?

Link to Answer:  Cleanse my Body

FAQ #20How can I be happy in life?

Link to Answer:  Happy in Life

A scene in nature somewhere on the west side of the Beaver Valley.Speaking of lifestyle and longevity try and get back into nature. It's where we belong. If you find time for exercise it will make you happier in life. It works for Jim!

Group E.  Your FAQs about the Longevity Factors

FAQ #21What can I do to prevent sagging wrinkled skin?

Link to Answer: Prevent Sagging Wrinkled Skin

FAQ #22:  What can I do to live a long healthy life?

Link to Answer: Long Healthy Life

FAQ #23How can I get my energy back?

Link to Answer:  Getting my Energy Back

FAQ #24:  Is it true that humans are designed to live to be 120 years of age?

Link to Answer:  Live 120 Years

FAQ #25:  I heard you say something like the following on the site, "How would you like to go hiking, skiing, and dancing, with a smile on your face, when you are 100+ years of age?" Can that actually be done?

Link to Answer: Can it be done?

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