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Mr. Prevention and Company

In January of 2008, Jim woke up one morning and had an epiphany. For too long, he wasn't quite sure what he really wanted to do with his life. That day, things changed for him. He realized that he had found his true purpose in life and decided to make the transition to preventative health and fitness.

Here is Jim's story ....

Found his True Purpose in Life

A portrait of Jim Safianuk, who is the owner of the site PreventativeHealthPrograms.ca and founder of Orthocellular Nutriton and Exercise Inc.

Jim Safianuk originally graduated with a B.Sc. in Honours Chemistry from the University of Waterloo, specializing in organic chemistry. He worked in various technical roles in the chemical process industries throughout the 1980s and 1990s including lab services, health and safety, industrial hygiene, quality control, government regulations, environmental programs, and engineering projects. However, he always wanted to improve his soft skills and increase the breadth of what he could offer to the public, as well as to business and industry.

To further this end, Jim continued his education and received a diploma in Article Writing from the Long Ridge Writers Group, as well as a certificate in Technical Communications from George Brown College, both in 1999. From 2000 to 2008 he worked both full-time and on a contract basis as a technical writer. This is where he received his background in developing user guides, procedural manuals, training materials, technical publications, and online help systems.

However, like many middle-aged adults, Jim was bothered by a number of nagging symptoms related to his health. The list included:

  • adult acne,
  • oily skin and hair,
  • heartburn,
  • weight gain,
  • bouts of bursitis, and
  • occasional arthritic pain.

Little did he know at the time that what he was eating and drinking, and not eating and drinking, where causing an imbalance to the acidic side in his body, as well as inflammation in various regions. After making some fundamental changes in his lifestyle, switching to a natural, whole foods way of eating, and taking control of and responsibility for his own health, he was able to jettison the above warning signs and symptoms.

They are all gone now!

In essence, he had pulled himself back from the threshold of disease. But, he started to question what he actually knew about his own physiology. He realized he had received no formal training in primary and secondary school about the most important of all subjects, which is how the body functions to maintain our health and prevent disease.

During those years in school he realized that he had been taught nothing about proper nutrition, the need for movement in our lives, the integration of nutrition and exercise, as well as how to reduce stress, improve sleep, and periodically cleanse the body.

It appears the real information we needed to maintain our bodies was being withheld from us. But why?

The more he understood this fact, the more he seethed, and the more determined he became to get the truth out. After all, as Jim often states, "An ageless body is our birthright!"

Mainstream media, big industry, and bureaucratic governments offered only half-truths at best and most of the information was fragmented. This was confusing to him. So, he decided to go back to square one, hunker down, start over, and learn everything he could about how the body functions to keep us healthy and free of disease. In short, he went after the truth!

Followed a New Path to the Truth

To accomplish this task he used a three-pronged approach. After he found his true purpose in life in early 2008, he decided to make the transition to preventative health and fitness.

American Council on Exercise new PT logo for 2017

1. First, he received his Certified Personal Trainer designation from the American Council on Exercise (ACE-CPT) in August of 2009. This formalized training was right up his alley because he was very active in sports and recreation all of his life, both as a downhill ski instructor and inline skating coach, and as a participant in other outdoor activities including hiking, swimming, hockey, tennis, and baseball. His current understanding of exercise physiology and the practical aspects of fitness training stemmed directly from his ACE education and certification. 

IONC logo

2. Next, he graduated with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition (DHN) from the Edison Institute of Nutrition in January of 2010. Soon after in February of 2010 he obtained the designation of Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) from the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC).

In addition, Jim came to the realization that his ignorance of how his body works was directly proportional to how deep he was mired in the mainstream morass. To counter this nonsense, jettison the mixed messages, dump the fragments, and find the truth, he needed to move on! 

3. So, he stepped completely out of the mainstream to find the truth about health and fitness, as well as nutrition and exercise. He moved out of the city to a pristine environment, dropped cable television, threw out the T.V., and cancelled all magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

Moved out of the Mainstream

He needed to be in a place away from the mainstream noise! He found an environment where he could research, think, create, and develop health and fitness programs at will! And along the way, he found the truth he was seeking. In turns out that everything we think and/or assume we know about health and fitness from living in the mainstream is mostly wrong. Why is this?

Because the vast majority of us do not know how the body functions on the inside at the cellular level and have never been taught anything about human physiology in all the years that we were in school. This is remarkable in its own right. A big oversight? Maybe, but something else must be at play.

Supposedly, humans are the most complex species in the known universe, but most of us have no idea what we have inside us, let alone how it operates.

In addition, we have been led astray by the half-truths and quick fixes concerning health and fitness that the mainstream media supports and reports, on behalf of its advertisers, as well as by big medicine and conventional healthcare, which has essentially turned into a disease management industry, and an expensive one at that. Is that real healthcare?

Mr. Prevention was Born!

Mr. P is short for Mr. Prevention, who is discussed earler on the About Us page.

Real health is defined as the absence of disease, or put it another way, you don't have your health when you have a disease. And, real health is preventative health, all the way. Or, in other words, prevention is everything! So, to help make this wrong a right, Jim first wrote up 550 preventative health and fitness tips to help people get back on the road to building an ageless body. They are contained in the two e-books entitled Essential Health Tips and Core Health Tips. You can find the links to both e-books in the column to your right.

Orthocellular was established in 2010

Orthocellular corporate logo with slogan Correcting Cells and Changing Bodies.

He now had the full-spectrum of background knowledge he needed to help people, but in the most meaningful way possible, which was through a number of preventative health initiatives.

To realize this goal, in early 2010 the Canadian corporation named Orthocellular Nutrition and Exercise Incorporated was established. The Preventative Health Centre was then set up as the corporation's health and fitness arm.

Next, Jim developed the Preventative Health Programs

Jim combined his science background, writing skills, and analytical abilities with his knowledge of holistic nutrition, exercise physiology, stress reduction, and detoxification methods in the development of four, comprehensive preventative health programs for adults aged 25 to 65.

The current programs include the:

Permanent Weight Loss Program

Disease Prevention Program Stream 1

Disease Prevention Program Stream 2

Longevity Program

Throughout the design phase of the above programs, he used a:

  • root-cause,
  • solution-driven, and
  • prevention-based

approach to weight problems, disease conditions, and longevity factors.

And, he designed the programs using a Four-Pillar Approach

It is his firm belief that disease is preventable and that superior health can be built through a four-pillar approach, which includes:

1. Nutrition protocols that are optimized for the unique, biochemical makeup of the individual. These stem from the natural, whole foods way of eating that is geared to supplying the 60 essential nutrients of life and keeping toxins out of the body. The first objective is to normalize the digestive system for proper breakdown and absorption of nutrients. The overall goal is to nourish the body with the raw materials it needs to maintain health at the cellular level. 

2. Exercise routines that are customized for the individual to recover lost lung capacity, heart strength, muscle mass, and bone density, as well as to strengthen, tone, and energize the body. Here, the muscular, skeletal, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems are addressed.

3. Stress reduction techniques to keep the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems strong, balanced, and auto-regulating. This pillar also includes a sleep restoration sub-program, if needed, since the proper amount of sleep each night is essential for repair, regeneration, and growth.                                

4. Cleansing, drainage, and detoxification methods to remove stored toxins and restore bodily functions. The methods are introduced in a specific order to first enhance the elimination system and then to rebuild the detoxification system.

A message from Jim: First take control then take responsibility!

Jim's message is clear throughout the site and his programs! First, take control of and then take responsibility for your own health and fitness by weaving the protocols and routines from the programs slowly into your lifestyle and you will begin to experience the benefits of true health and real fitness once again. Why is that?

Because you will now be building an ageless body and an ageless mind at the cellular level. And, your biological age will drop well below your chronological age. Always remember, it is your biological age that counts in large amounts!

Jim's Professional Designations

Here, you can link to Jim at the American Council on Exercise, as well as at the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants.

At the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

View Jim's profile and ACE-CPT certification at the American Council on Exercise.

Jim at the American Council on Exercise
Orthopedic Exercise logo.

In continuing his education with ACE, Jim completed the Orthopedic Exercise Specialty Certificate in 2015 to help clients deal with and overcome issues related to shoulder, knee, hip, and back problems.  

In addition, in the spring of 2017 Jim completed the Senior Fitness Specialist Program and promptly developed a new program for this age group dubbed Fit at 60+, which is a combined nutrition and exercise program. The program is designed to regain lost heart strength, lung capacity, muscle mass, and bone density. It is split into four streams, which are lower-functioning females (1F), lower-functioning males (1M), higher-functioning females (2F), and higher-functioning males (2M). What is unique about this program is that husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, take the nutrition training in the classroom together as a couple, but are split off on their own, or one-on-one with the instructor when it comes to the exercise routines in the field. Hence, the four-stream approach.

Senior Fitness Specialist Program logo.

You can also explore these continuing education resources at ACE:

American Council on Exercise

At International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) 

View Jim's profile and ROHP registration with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants.

Jim at the IONC

Jim elsewhere on the Web

Here, you can gain access to his professional profile on LinkedIn, the company page at Facebook, and their Google My Business page.

View his Professional Profile on LinkedIn

In terms of his professional profile at LinkedIn, you can check it out here:

View Jim Safianuk's profile on LinkedIn

Visit their Company Page on Facebook

Follow the link below to reach Orthocellular's company page on Facebook.

Orthocellular at Facebook

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