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Natural Whole Foods Way

With the Natural Whole Foods Way you learn the truth about how to nourish your body at the cellular level.

In the mainstream media, half-truths and misinformation prevail when it comes to health and nutrition.

Here, you will find all of the inside information that is being held back.

Now, once and for all, you get everything that is missing and that you need to take care of your own body in a natural way!

And, you will get to feel the energy in your steps again!

Who is it for?

The e-book is for adults who want to pull themselves back from the threshold of disease and get back to the health zone. This correction then sets you up to build an ageless body and mind over time.

This larger cover photo shows a basket of fresh vegetables to symbolize the natural, whole foods way of eating.

What's it about?

The Natural Whole Foods Way contains health facts and nutrition tips that span the major macronutrient groups, namely:

  • Carbohydrates,
  • Proteins,
  • Fatty Acids, and
  • Fibre,

owing to its importance in a healthy diet.

There are also chapters on the following three topics, as well as plenty of detail: 

  • Natural Whole Foods
  • Nutrition Facts
  • Nutrition Awareness

Everything is discussed in an easy-to-use, tips-based format that stems from the natural whole foods way of eating. A number of mainstream myths and misconceptions about nutrition are debunked along the way and resources are included throughout the e-book, where appropriate.

This is the first edition of the Natural Whole Foods Way. The publication is available in the easy-to-read PDF e-book format.

Ten Major Health Benefits

After weaving the natural, whole foods way of eating into your lifestyle, you are sure to:

  1. Elevate your health to a high level,
  2. Energize your body at the cellular level, and
  3. Experience a new you while on the road to permanent weight loss.

Here are seven more specific health benefits you get by following the Natural Whole Foods Way.

Health Benefit #4:  You Get the Macronutrients You Need: It is concerned with getting the proper nutrition from the macronutrients. This includes the right carbs, quality protein, and good fats, as well as plenty of fiber.

Q. What about the vitamins and minerals.

A. The micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes and antioxidants, follow naturally.

Q. What do you mean?

A. Because most natural foods are whole, so they offer another big benefit as discussed below.

Health Benefit #5:  You Receive the Micronutrients You Require: Another big benefit is that most of the micronutrients are left intact, especially in raw foods. They are living foods that contain all the micronutrients in the rights ratios to one another. This is as nature intended.

Health Benefit #6: You Fuel Your Body the Right Way: The key point is that when your cells divide, you want the new cells that are produced to be healthy, vibrant cells, not weak, diseased cells. And the surest way to accomplish this is to nourish your body with the correct nutrients.

Q. How do I get them?

A. Through a natural whole foods way of eating that is ultimately geared to your unique biochemistry. In this way, you are providing the building blocks your body needs at the cellular level to reconstruct a new, healthy you. But remember, it does take time.

Health Benefit #7:  You Avoid all the Degenerative Diseases: What is now known without a doubt is that not consuming enough natural, whole foods on a daily basis can initiate many chronic diseases, which contributes to a rapidly aging body.

Q. Why is this so?

A. Because the body is not receiving the essential nutrients it needs on a daily basis to do its many functions, including repair and regeneration. We all know that the human body is dependent on food for survival. The right kind, quantity, and quality of food:

  1. stimulates energy production,
  2. builds structural components,
  3. ensures the integrity of trillions of cells, and
  4. affects the body in so many other significant ways.

Health Benefit #8:  You Reap the Benefits of Antioxidants and Enzymes

Q. What is the natural whole foods way, anyway?

A. Note that it is not a diet. Our bodies need 45 plus, and some argue all the way up to 90 nutrients, from food on a daily basis. Natural foods, especially when consumed raw and whole, are not only high in the many nutrients are bodies need, but they are loaded with antioxidants that scavenge and quench free radicals throughout the body, and rich in enzymes and other co-factors, which are the helpers needed for proper:

  •     digestion in the stomach,
  •     absorption in the small intestine,
  •     conversion in the liver, and
  •     utilization by the cells in your body.

Health Benefit #9:  You Receive the Synergistic Effect: The above is the synergistic effect that makes natural, whole foods so powerful and absolutely necessary in the body.

After all, it is a long journey for each nutrient. The food starts off in your mouth, but the individual nutrients need to make it all the way into your cells to do their jobs. And this can only happen efficiently when the nutrients are supplied from whole foods.

By following the natural, whole foods way of eating, you are providing the building blocks your body needs at the cellular level to construct a new, healthy you from the next generation of healthy cells.

Health Benefit #10:  You Feel the Energy and Vitality: After you have weaved some or all of the tips into your lifestyle, you start to feel the results in terms of your overall health, as well as in terms of your energy and vitality.

Remember, that it takes time for this to happen, so stay the course, and you will reap the benefits as you follow the road to an ageless body.

You Get Another Great Equalizer

Like the other e-books entitled Essential Health Tips and Core Health Tips, this e-book is another one of the great equalizers when it comes to the truth about proper nutrition.

Again, it addresses the salient information that is missing in today's world. The e-book is certain to fill this knowledge gap!

Now, go feel the energy in your steps!

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