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Preventative Health Programs

Welcome Everyone: Our preventative health programs provide all of the help, guidance, and knowledge you need to regain control of your health and fitness. Here, on the site and in the programs, you learn to correct the workings of your cells, improve the health of your body, and transition to the longevity zone. 

Please read, listen to, and watch the initial steps below:

  • First, read the introductory sections until you reach Identifying your Path.
  • Next, determine whether Path #1, #2, or #3 is right for you, at this time. 
  • Then, follow the instructions under your chosen path.


Are the programs right for me?

The preventative health programs are right for you, if ...

You are now overweight and concerned it is affecting your health, and/or

You are not that active or fit and need more movement in your life, and/or

You feel that your health is slipping away, at a relatively young age, and/or

You are not sleeping well or feel stressed out most days of the week, and/or

You would like to reduce the risks of getting a disease in the future, and/or

You wish to cleanse your body and start over at the cellular level, and/or

You want to change your body to improve your energy and stamina, and/or

You feel it is time to add more muscle mass and strength, and/or

You need to regain your lost lung capacity and heart strength, and/or

You would like to enter the longevity zone and add quality to your years.

Fortunately, the human body is:

A scene from the beautiful Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail. The preventative health programs emphasize hikes on such trails as a means for weight loss, disease prevention, and longevity.

1. self-healing,
2. auto-regulating, and
3. seeks to be in a state of balance.

All you have to do is give it a chance to recover and rebuild at the cellular level, day in and day out, until you reverse any downward trend and return to the baseline of health. How do I do that?

The preventative health programs are designed to get you back to the health zone and beyond. But first, you need to identify your path.

Identifying your Path ...

If you are a male or female between 30 and 70 years of age:

Path #1 is for You


with the

Which preventative health programs are right for me?

The three-step process below will provide the answer. Begin with Step 1 and guess your current health status.

If you are a business, education institution, or health agency:

Path #2 is for You


Small Group
with the

Business and Industry

Employee Energy

Educational Institutions

Contract Services

Health Agencies

Contract Services

Retreats and Resorts, Spas and Studios, Gyms and Wellness Centres

The Movement Series   Coming Soon!

Functional Movement    Dance with Intervals  Paleolithic Movement      Slow Movement            Fusion Workout

If you are currently a preventative health practitioner:

Path #3 is for You


Preventative Health  
Business Opportunities
for Practitioners and Teams

Four Pillar Licences

Go to: Licensing

Two Pillar Licences 

Go to: Licensing

Practitioner  Online Training

To gain access to the online training, join our Classroom Subscription site! This advanced training serves to fill the knowledge gaps that are missing today. Subscribe here. If you have already joined, you can go directly to the classroom below:

Log-in to Classroom

For Path #1 Individuals : Three Steps to your First Program

The three steps are explained in the following audio clip from Jim.

Step 1: Guessing your Current Health Status

First, scan the Disease-Health-Longevity diagram below to determine where you think you stand on this continuum. 

The graphic is entitled the Disease Health Longevity Continuum and is used to estimate one's current health status.

Step 2: Finding your Actual Health Status

Next, we need to dig a little deeper and find out where you actually stand on the Disease-Health-Longevity diagram. Follow these steps to find your actual health status: 

  1. Fill out the Health Status Questionnaire. Complete all 30 questions as accurately and carefully, as possible. Be totally honest with yourself.
  2. Link to the Health Status Questionnaire.
  3. After you complete the questionnaire, return here.
  4. Based on the results of the questionnaire, locate your actual health status on the Disease-Health-Longevity continuum shown below.
Actual Status
Answers Disease | Health | Longevity Continuum
True (21 to 30) Disease Zone
True (11 to 20) Disease Threshold
True (5 to 10) Disease Symptoms
True (3 to 4) Health Baseline
True (1 to 2) Health Zone
True (0 to 1) Longevity Threshold
True (0) Longevity Zone

Step 3: Matching Your Actual Status with Your Program Path

Finding your first program: Now that you know your actual health status from Step 2 above, you can determine your first, preventative health program by following these three steps:

  1. Locate your score in the left-hand column.
  2. Scan to the right to find your actual health status.
  3. Click on your status, which takes you to Your Program Path page.
Score Actual Health Status
21 to 30 Disease Zone
11 to 20 Disease Threshold
5 to 15 Disease Symptoms
3 to 4 Health Baseline
1 to 2 Health Zone
0 to 1 Longevity Threshold
0 Longevity Zone

A message from Mr. Prevention ...

A scene from the beautiful Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail.

I am certain the preventative health programs will help you build an ageless body, as well as an ageless mind, especially after you cross the baseline of health and enter the health zone. 

With your practitioner's guidance, follow the appointments carefully, read the handouts, and weave the protocols, routines, techniques, and methods slowly into your lifestyle. Learn to apply them over and over again until they become second nature.

Remember, processes at the cellular level progress at their own pace. This is just how we function on the inside. There are no quick fixes here. So, go slow and reap the benefits offered by the four pillars of health.

Along the way your body will begin to reverse itself at the cellular level. Your energy level will soar, your creativity will be renewed, and you will participate in activities that you thought were impossible at your age.

The reason is because you have shifted your biological age to a point that is now well below your chronological age. And you will like the new you so much you'll never want to abandon the longevity lifestyle.

I guarantee it!

To your good health,

Mr. Prevention 

Still have questions about the Preventative Health Programs?

If you have some urgent questions or need more information, visit Your FAQs page now. Return to the home page when you are ready and go through the three-step process again to find the preventative health programs that are right for you!

Now serving ...

Elliot Lake, Blind River, and Sault St. Marie in Algoma district, as well as Barrie, Orillia, Alliston, and Bradford in Simcoe county, and points in between.

Caring is sharing ....

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Contract Services

Health Business Opportunities

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