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The Ten Best Fortifiers
... to help you ...
Build an Ageless Body

The e-book The Ten Best Fortifiers is ready for download. This handy e-book sets the record straight about superfoods. Get it now to fortify your body with the best natural products.

With The Ten Best Fortifiers you learn the truth about the best-of-the-best in terms of fortifiers.

In today's mainstream, half-truths and misinformation prevail when it comes to proper fortification.

Here, we go beyond the mainstream hype and provide all of the missing information that you need.

Feel the strength in your movements again!

Who is it for?

The e-book is geared to adults who want to pull themselves back from the threshold of disease and get their health back to normal.

It assumes that you have already read and are following the tips and advice from the first e-book in the series, which is the Natural Whole Foods Way. Why is that?

Because the natural, whole foods way of eating works to restore the proper foundation in your body so the fortifiers mentioned in this e-book can:

  • do their jobs properly,
  • fill in for any nutrient deficiencies, and
  • boost your health at the cellular level.

What's it about?

The e-book cover photo represents the top ten fortifiers.

The e-book entitled The Ten Best Fortifiers is the third and final e-book in the series. It contains preventative health facts and fortification tips that stem from use of the best, natural and/or whole products in the marketplace.

In addition, everything is put in an easy-to-use, tips-based format that stems from the application of the natural whole fortification way. A number of mainstream myths about fortifiers are debunked along the way and resources are included throughout the e-book.

This is the first edition of The Ten Best Fortifiers.
The publication is available in the easy-to-read PDF EBook format and is 44 pages in length.

The Five Major Health Benefits

The Ten Best Fortifiers covers the fundamentals in terms of natural, whole products. The following benefits flow naturally from the consistent use of the best fortifiers.

Health Benefit #1: You Get the Micronutrient Groups that you Need: You receive the best information about what your body needs at the cellular level in terms of the four micronutrients, namely:

    antioxidants, and

Health Benefit #2:  You Boost What you are Already Doing: Everything discussed stems from the application of natural and/or whole fortifiers to boost the nutritional intake you are already receiving from the natural, whole foods way of eating. The fortifiers augment the foods in your diet, regardless of the season of the year.

Health Benefit #3:  You Get the Antioxidants that Your Body Needs: In addition, with the proper natural products in fortifier kit or formula you get coverage of the phytochemical antioxidant groups, namely the:

    flavonoids, and

The antioxidants listed above are what's missing in today's North American diet, which is lacking in fresh fruits and vegetables for a number of different reasons. Antioxidants serve to scavenge free radicals in the body, which if not quenched on a regular basis, will cause inflammation and disease because free radicals oxidize cells, tissues, and organs.  

Health Benefit #4: You Receive the Enzymes that Your Body Needs: Because fortifiers, as defined in The Ten Best Fortifiers, are whole food concentrates, as well as living foods, they come complete with numerous enzymes that your body can readily use for:

    digestive, and
    metabolic purposes.

Health Benefit #5:  You Stay on the Road to an Ageless Body: After implementing the top ten fortifiers, either by way of a fortifier kit or a fortifier formula, you will take your health and nutrition to the next level and begin to experience a new you at the cellular level.

In short, you will now be able to stay on the road to an ageless body, from season-to-season and year-to-year.

You find out about another great equalizer ...

Like the other e-books entitled Essential Health Tips and Core Health Tips, this e-book is another one of the great equalizers when it comes to the truth about nutrition and fortification.

It addresses all the important information that is missing in today's world when it comes to preventative health. The Ten Best Fortifiers is certain to fill this knowledge gap.

Now, get to feel the strength in your movements!  

Order The Ten Best Fortifiers here ...

E-book Price:   The Ten Best Fortifiers is priced at $47.00 CAN.

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A message from Jim ...

I am certain the ten best fortifiers will help you rebuild your body at the cellular level. Weave the tips slowly into your lifestyle and apply them over and over again until they become second nature. Remember, even though it is easy to regenerate your body, it does takes time.

So, go slow and reap the benefits offered by the tips. You will then be on the road to building an ageless body, and you will never want to turn back. I guarantee it ....

To your good health,

Jim Safianuk

Ordering the e-book ...

E-book Price:   The Ten Best Fortifiers is priced at $47.00 CAN.

How to Order:  To buy the e-book, click the Add to Cart button below.

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Our Guarantee: Your purchase comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means there is no risk and no obligation on your part. If you do not begin to experience more health, energy, and vitality from the application of the fortification tips ... simply return the e-book within the above time period and we'll refund your complete purchase price with no questions asked.

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