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Disease Prevention Program Stream 1
Get Healthy with Jim
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Here, we have a short description of the Disease Prevention Program Stream 1, as well as a number of hallmarks. There is also a set of prerequisites that must be met before one can enter the program. It should be mentioned that during the program, you will begin to feel the energy in your steps again!


The Disease Prevention Program Stream 1 has been designed specifically for and geared to those people who have already completed the first program in the Four Pillar Programs series, which is entitled the Permanent Weight Loss Program.

After your weight is reduced to normal and remains stable over a period of time, you will be ready for this program.

Note: For the diagnosis and treatment of any chronic disorder or disease, please consult with a licensed physician in your area.

Four Phases

The following is a description of each of the four phases in the Disease Prevention Program Stream 1:

Recovery Phase: The aim of the recovery phase is to pull you back from the threshold of disease and balance your bodily functions. We return your body to a healthy state where sleep is solid, stress is reduced, inflammation is cooled, digestion is normalized, immunity is restored, wastes are eliminated, and toxins are removed.

In short, you have to recover before you can rebuild. This phase sets up your body for the phases that follow where your body is rebuilt and strengthened to optimize your health and ward off disease.

Rebuilding Phase: The purpose of the rebuilding phase is to introduce you to the natural, whole foods way of eating, unravel bad eating habits, and enhance the supply of fuel to your cells in terms of macronutrients and oxygen. This approach oxygenates your cells, fires up your metabolism, and increases your caloric burn and energy level.

In addition, during this phase, you begin to rebuild your body internally at the cellular, tissue, and glandular levels, and you start to regain your lost aerobic capacity. During this time we also focus on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, lung disorders, and cancers.  

Renewal Phase: The aim of this phase is to impart renewal and build strength, as necessary. The endocrine hormones addressed in these appointments work to fine tune your body composition by helping to build muscle mass, shrink fat cells, and slow the effects of aging.

Moreover, the appointments in this phase will boost your metabolism even further and keep it revving. During this phase, you continue to renew your body internally at the cellular, tissue, and glandular levels, as well as regain even more of your lost lung capacity. Here, we also switch our focus to the prevention of adult, onset diabetes, as well as warding off dementia and brain degeneration.

Maintenance Phase: The purpose of this phase is to leave you with the routines that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to maintain your health over the long term and lead a disease-free life in the years to come.


Here are the ten hallmarks of the Disease Prevention Program Stream 1:

  1. Comprehensive and all-inclusive, no need to go elsewhere for anything.
  2. Nutrition and exercise are finally together and weaved into the modules.
  3. Sleep restoration protocols and normalization included, as needed.
  4. Stress reduction techniques and normalization included, as needed.
  5. Detoxification and cleansing methods included, as needed.
  6. A maintenance program for life is included at the end of the program, which is customized for your unique physiology.
  7. The maintenance program is based on the four pillars of health so you get customized components for nutrition, exercise, stress, and detox.
  8. Equipment specified, sourced, and procured by us, if you wish.
  9. We set you free at the end of the program since you will now have all you need in terms of knowledge, tools, protocols, and techniques to go it alone over the long term. This is as it should be.
  10. The program is set up to logically lead into the next program.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." ... ... by Jiddu Krishnamurti


The following are the seven prerequisites for entering the Disease Prevention Program Stream 1:

  1. Age Range:  Adults between 25 and 65 plus years of age.
  2. Weight: You are now at or near a normal weight, which for the current program is considered to be at or less than 10 per cent of their set point weight, which is what you weighed when your were 18 years of age. For example, if you weighed 120 pounds at age 18 and you now weigh 130 lbs, you are only 8 per cent over your set point weight and are good to sign-up for this program.
  3. Diseases:  No heart disease, lung disorders, cancer, and/or diabetes.
  4. Prior Programs: The Permanent Weight Loss Program
  5. Attitude:   It needs to be positive from the start.
  6. Fortitude:  A willingness to learn about disease prevention.
  7. Patience:  The need to show patience throughout the program.

Note: For those who are currently more than 10 per cent above their set point weight, you need to enter into the first program in the series, which is entitled the Permanent Weight Loss Program: Get Slim with Jim. The weight loss program is designed for those who are initially overweight. Later, after your weight is back to normal, you can sign up for Stream 1 of this program, at that time.

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The disease prevention program has been designed to cover all the bases. To obtain this positive and lasting end result, it needed to be comprehensive. The program consists of ten appointments spread across four phases with a three-week break in between phases.

In addition, each appointment takes between 4-to-8 hours to complete. That means you are with the practitioner from 40-to-80 hours, from start to finish, and the program can take between six-to-nine months to complete. So, the cost of the program depends on where you currently live in Ontario.

In light of the above, please register for the program now and someone will get back to you within two business days to discuss the cost with you.  

Now, to feel the energy in your steps, head to the registration page.

Registering for the Disease Prevention Program Stream 1

Signing-up for the Program: If you feel it is the right time to sign-up for the program, head over to the registration page now and fill out the form with your contact information: Disease Prevention Stream 1 Registration


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