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Permanent Weight Loss Program
Get Slim with Jim
Safe, lasting, and geared to your unique body

Here, we have a short description of the permanent weight loss program, as well as a number of hallmarks. There is also a set of prerequisites that must be met before one can enter the program. During the program, you begin to feel the energy in your steps again!


The first program in our three-part series is entitled Permanent Weight Loss: Get Slim with Jim. The program is geared to adults between the ages of 25 and 65 who are currently more than 10 per cent above their set point weight, which is what they weighed when they were 18 years of age.

Four Phases

The following is a description of each phase of the Permanent Weight Loss program:

Phase I: Recovery: The aim of this phase is to remove all the barriers that hinder weight loss. We need to return your body to a healthy state where sleep is solid, inflammation is cooled, digestion is normalized, toxins are removed, and stress is reduced. In this way, during the phases of the program that follow the weight will come off easily, as well as safely, and stay off permanently.

Phase II: Rebuilding: The purpose of this phase is to introduce you to a natural, whole foods way of eating, unravel bad eating habits, enhance both metabolism and oxygen supply to your cells to increase your energy level, elevate your mood, reduce your stress, and manage your weight. The steps in this phase work to balance your hormones, one after the other, in the correct order. Here, you begin to rebuild your body internally at the cellular, tissue, and glandular levels.

Phase III: Renewal: The aim here is to impart renewal and build strength. Hormones are checked and balanced, as necessary, and work to fine-tune your body composition by building muscle mass, shrinking fat cells, and slowing the effects of aging. These steps will boost your metabolism and keep it revving.  

Phase IV: Maintenance: The final phase phase introduces you to a number of healthy routines that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to keep you on the path to permanent weight loss.

The Permanent Weight Loss Program is not a Diet!

A scene from the beautiful Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail.

Diets are fabrications of mainstream hucksters, the media, and their advertisers to sell quick fixes to people who are looking for fast, weight-loss solutions. Their original intentions may be somewhat admirable, but the science behind their claims is always lacking, and they don't base their programs on how our bodies actually function in the metabolism of food at the cellular level.

Furthermore, diets are based on a one-size fits all approach, not on sound practices like biochemical individuality, which takes into account a person's particular body type. We are all unique on the inside in terms of the way we metabolize food.

One of the hallmarks of the Permanent Weight Loss program is that it is customized along the way for the uniqueness of the individual.

"Each one of the substances of a man's diet acts upon his body and changes it in some way, and upon these changes, his whole life depends, whether he be in health, in sickness, or convalescent." ... by Hippocrates


Here are the ten hallmarks of the Permanent Weight Loss program:

  1. Comprehensive and complete, no need to go elsewhere for anything.
  2. Nutrition and exercise are finally together in one  program and weaved throughout the appointments.
  3. Sleep restoration protocols included, as needed.
  4. Stress reduction techniques included, as needed.
  5. Detoxification methods included, as needed.
  6. Cleansing protocols included, as needed.
  7. Lots of handouts throughout for your future reference.
  8. Maintenance program for life is included at the end, which is customized for your unique physiology.
  9. Equipment specified, sourced, and procured by us, if you wish.
  10. The program logically leads into the next program.

"Your health, happiness, and the future of life are in your hands when you sit down to eat." .… by John Robbins


The following are the prerequisites for entering the Permanent Weight Loss program:

  1. Age Range:  Adults between 25 and 65 plus years of age.
  2. Weight: You are now overweight, which for the current program is   considered to be more than 10 per cent above your set point weight, which is what you weighed when your were 18 years of age. For example, if you weighed 120 pounds at age 18 and you now weigh 150 pounds, you are 25 per cent over your set point weight and good to enter this program.
  3. Diseases:  No heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and/or diabetes.
  4. Prior Programs: None required.
  5. Attitude:   It needs to be positive from the start.
  6. Fortitude:  A willingness to gain new knowledge about weight loss.
  7. Patience:  The need to show patience throughout the program.

Note:  For those who are at or weigh less than 10 per cent of their set point weight, you can skip this program and enter into the second program of the series. For example, if you weighed 120 pounds at age 18 and you now weigh 130 pounds, you are only 8 per cent over your set point weight and are good to go for the second program. The second program is entitled the Disease Prevention Program Stream 2 and is geared for those who are initially at or near a normal weight.

To feel the energy in your steps,  head over to the registration page.

Registering for the Permanent Weight Loss Program

To sign-up for the program, head over to the registration page now and fill out the form with your contact information. 

Permanent Weight Loss Registration


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