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The Preventative Way
Our Bodies Talk but Our Cells Rule

Here, on The Preventative Way page we'll reveal a number of scientific facts related to how we function at the cellular level to keep our bodies healthy. Visit this page often as new facts, quotes, tips, and traps will be added from time to time. And remember, our cells rule! ... Mr. Prevention   

Body Talk #1:  Cell Turnover and Gene Nurturing

The physical body replaces its existing cells with new cells at the rate of approximately 300 million cells per minute, including cancer cells, over the course of your lifetime. However, the various parts of your body die and are replaced over different periods of time, as shown in the list below:

  • Blood cells die and are replaced daily
  • Gastrointestinal cells turn over about every 48 hours
  • Skin cells are replaced every 28 days
  • Bone structures take about 1 year to replace
  • Livers are replaced every 1 to 2 years
  • Lungs require about 6 to 7 years
  • Heart tissue is not replaced
  • Brain tissue, for the most part, is not replaced

In addition, science tells us that within one year some 98% of the cells that comprise our physical body will have been replaced approximately a year from today. For the average person whose body consists of 70 trillion cells, 68.6 trillion new cells will have formed in one years time. And, when you take the remaining 2% of the cells into account, since every cell in the body regenerates itself, you are making a new person physically every 7 to 10 years.

However, every so often a new cell becomes a maverick cell, meaning a cell that is out of control.

Mr. Prevention says about Healthy Cells: The key aspect with the above analysis is that when your cells die off and are replaced with new ones, the new cells are healthy in all respects. If and only if these new cells are indeed healthy, then our bodies will reflect this fact and also remain healthy over time!

In addition, the quality of the new cell depends on the raw materials available to it as it dies and is replaced. So, providing quality building materials for these cells as they die and are replaced should be of the highest priority for each and every one of us! Each food choice you make is impacting the state of newness, which is the key to aging gracefully while being free of chronic disease.

Since these are living cells that are now dying and being replaced, it follows that our cells were designed to be nourished with raw, living food. All cooked food is dead food, and dead food does not provide the cell with the quality materials that are needed to build a healthy, vibrant, new cell. The take home message is clear!

Make sure you follow the 80|20 rule when it comes to raw versus cooked food each day. Eat 80% of your food in the raw state, and only 20% in the cooked form. When you get the right amount of quality nutrients on a daily basis, you are sustaining this cell turnover and ensuring that the new cells that are produced are indeed healthy cells. This is the most important thing you can do when it comes to preventing disease and promoting longevity in your body.  Always remember, your genes need proper nurturing, day in and day out.

Body Talk #2:  Cell Community is Everything!

Consider the following ways of communication:

  1. Community and Harmony: This is our cells evolutionary way, versus
  2. Competition and Defeatism: This is our world today, which is a non-evolutionary way.

However, we must always remember that originally single cells joined into small communities of amoebas, which later transformed into larger communities of human beings. So, community is still everything at the cellular level!

Body Talk #3:  Stress, Immunity, and Disease

Gut Issues: Stress hormones are released as a result of the flight or fight response. And, blood is shunted from the gut to your arms and legs preferentially. Also, most visceral area functions are restricted. The gut is constricted, low blood flow results, and there is no maintenance taking place. Seventy plus percent of the time this happens, so no daily repair and growth. Hence, disease sets in!

Immune System Factors: In addition, the same stress hormones shut off the immune system. The immune system is a big time energy user. It has to deal with bacteria and viral infections and the stress response kicks in on top of all that! Stress shuts down growth and repair and shuts down the immune system response, which is needed for the same growth and repair. A double-whammy effect. The result is illness and disease.

Body Talk #4:  Cell Behaviour, Negative Beliefs, and Disease 

Positive Thoughts: Positive thoughts in the mind adjust the chemistry of the blood, which then adjusts the genetics in the cell, and the expression of the DNA. So, they control cell behaviour.

Ninety-nine percent of the disease on the planet stems from one's lifestyle and beliefs! Only one percent is due to our genes.

Lifestyle Factors: Nutritional deficiencies from a poor diet, cellular toxicities from air, water, food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, chronic stress, sleep deprivation, lack of physical activity, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

Negative Beliefs: Unconscious Behaviour

Brain > Environment > Blood as the medium > Cells > Disease is the path leading to disease, but not the following path as most believe:

Cells as in the genes > Blood > Disease

So, disease is not a body's problem per say, but the mind's perception of it from the negative thoughts and beliefs emanating from the brain. Our unconscious behaviour was programmed in us, via our subconscious minds, by other people by the time we were 7 years old. These programs keep playing out and controlling us in our adult lives, by way of our conscious minds. Not a good situation!

Mr. Prevention says: I'd like to leave you with a closing piece of inspiration from Mahatma Ghandi about how your beliefs ultimately become your destiny.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny." by Mahatma Ghandi

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The Preventative Way with
Mr. Prevention

On The Preventative Way page we reveal a number of scientific facts related to how we function at the cellular level to keep our bodies healthy. Visit this page often as new facts, quotes, videos, tips, and traps will be added from time to time.

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