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Diets Dont Work: The Permanent Solution

FAQ #5: There are six main reasons why diets dont work and probably a few more that could be included. Keep reading for the complete details.

A. Answering the Question

The so-called fad diets have never worked in the past, don't work now, and will never work will in the future. The results are dismal and the failure rates are very high.

In fact, 65% of people who have lost weight through dieting regained the weight within a year, and 95%+ regained all the weight back and more, after five years. These programs always fail to produce long-lasting results.

How come fad diets dont work?

Here are six reasons why diets dont work and there are probably a few more that could be included:

  1. You can shrink your fat cells in size, but never get rid of them. So, yo-yo dieting is the norm, and that in itself is very tough on your body!
  2. If your hormonal system is not in a state of balance, it is nearly impossible to lose weight.
  3. Under a state of prolonged stress, it is impossible to lose weight.
  4. If you are constantly sleep deprived, it is also impossible to lose weight.
  5. Diets are based on a one-size fits all approach, not on sound practices like biochemical individuality, which takes into account a person's particular body type. We are all unique on the outside, as well as on the inside in terms of the way we metabolize food.
  6. Diets do not address the underlying addictions to bad foods. Unless you make the necessary behavioral changes in your life to reduce, control, or eliminate the trigger foods, you won't lose weight.

Ok, now how can I lose the weight for good?

B. Introducing the Solution

With the problem defined, we can now turn our attention to the permanent solution.

All about the Permanent Weight Loss Program

This program has been developed to address the need for a permanent solution. It is based on the fact that there are many reasons people gain weight and that all of these root causes have to be addressed for success to be realized. In this case, success is measured in terms of permanent weight loss.

All about the Eight Approaches to Weight Loss 

The Permanent Weight Loss Program is a comprehensive approach that covers all the bases in terms of weight loss so you can lose weight for good and keep it off permanently. This new paradigm has several underlying approaches that will remove all of the barriers that hinder weight loss, namely:

  •     Any underlying nervous and hormonal imbalances are fixed
  •     Stress is reduced back to a normal level
  •     Sleep is restored so that it is solid and sound
  •     Inflammation is cooled
  •     Digestion is normalized
  •     Nutrition is customized for your unique biochemical makeup
  •     Dietary habits are designed to keep the toxins out
  •     Healthy habits are weaved in, one at a time, so they become permanent

C. Applying the Solution

Check out the program below ...

For permanent weight loss, head over to the Permanent Weight Loss Program page now and check out the program. You will be glad you did, especially if you are currently struggling with your weight and are finding that diets don't work.

Note: One of the hallmarks of the Permanent Weight Loss program is that it is customized along the way for the uniqueness of each individual.

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A quotation from Mr. Prevention addressing the FAQ Diets Dont Work.A quotation from Mr. Prevention addressing the FAQ Diets Dont Work. This textual graphic was created by Jim Safianuk. Diets are meaningless. What counts is the natural, whole foods way.

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