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Prevent Sagging Wrinkled Skin: The Longevity Solution

FAQ #21: The following is the answer to prevent sagging wrinkled skin, which is the twenty-first frequently asked question in our series.

A. Answering the Question

Many boomer adults are concerned with sagging and wrinkly skin as they age, and rightly so, especially on their faces. This will make you show your chronological age very quickly and then some.

One of the keys to maintaining healthy skin with age is to stop trying to pamper your skin from the outside. This can often lead to more physical damage.

What are you saying?

The organ called our skin has 90 million cells on its surface and 60% of what you put on your outer layer gets absorbed into your blood. Yes, your skin is a direct pipeline to your bloodstream. So, many of those artificial additives you put on your epidermis from personal care products and/or cosmetics make their way into the dermis where your small blood vessels are rooted. Not a good situation. 

Instead, it is always best to nourish your skin from the inside out. So, what you eat and drink counts in large amounts when it comes to the health of your skin. The small blood vessels mentioned above are the conduits that carry nutrients into the dermis.

And it is here where you make it or break in terms of whether or not you have plump, taut, glowing skin, or saggy, wrinkly, dull skin. Ok, I gotcha.

Can you tell me more about how to prevent sagging wrinkled skin?

Yes! Keep reading to find out how to apply the longevity solution to enhance your skin health.

B. Applying the Longevity Solution

First, Get Knowledgeable about Skin Health

Be sure to get the e-book entitled Maintaining Beautiful Skin with Age. Jim Safianuk wrote this e-book because he got tired of all the mainstream myths, misconceptions, and misinformation about how to maintain healthy skin with age.

Again, and it bares repeating, you need to nourish your skin from the inside through proper nutrition and regular hydration on a daily basis. There is no other way. It's just the way our bodies work at the cellular level.

To prevent sagging wrinkled skin, first you need to avoid the onset of glycation end products, or AGEs, as they are called. No pun intended. AGEs form from the cross-linking of excess sugar in the diet and proteins in the skin. This results in the saggy appearance.

Next, you need to maintain the integrity of the collagen and elastin proteins in the dermis layer, which impart structure to and elasticity in the skin, respectively. These proteins impart firmness and suppleness to prevent sag and wrinkles. They can only be synthesized from the right nutrients in the diet.

In addition, regular hydration with pure water and fluids made from pure water is essential. When your body is well-hydrated on a daily basis, your skin will remain bouncy and wrinkle-free.

The above points just scratch the surface of this subject. To learn everything about the foods, fluids, and fortifiers your skin needs to remain healthy with age, as well as what products to avoid, you need to get a hold of the e-book.

Head over to the Maintaining Beautiful Skin with Age page now and check out all the benefits.

Also, to prevent sagging wrinkled skin, take it to the next level!

If you have healthy skin, hair, and nails on the outside, it is likely that you will have healthy cells, tissues, and organs on the inside. One of the ten hallmarks of the Preventative Health Programs is the fact that the natural, whole foods way is weaved throughout the programs.

This means that whatever your are doing for your heart, lungs, brain, nerves, etc. in terms of proper nutrition, you are also doing for your skin because there is nutritional overlap. 

Consider registering for one of the following programs:

a. If you are an adult between 25 and 65 and currently overweight, head over to the:  Permanent Weight Loss Program

b. If you are an adult between 25 and 65 and currently not overweight, check out this pageDisease Prevention Program Stream 2

Here is Jim's story about his own skin health ....

A few years back I had adult acne and my face was oily all the time. I thought to myself, "What is going on here? This can't be normal." So, I dumped the vegetable oils, margarine, and mayonaisse, kept the sweets to a minimum, and drank more water each day.

Flash forward to the present. Now my skin is firm, glowing, and feels as smooth as a baby's bum. Plus, it is wrinkle free and I can't remember the last time I had a pimple. Why the turn around?

It turns out I was eating too much refined oil and rancid fat and my body was letting me know on my skin. So, I dumped the refined vegetable oils and all products made from those same oils, as well as all rancid fats.

I replaced them with the essential fatty acids in the form of flax seed oil and hemp seed oil, and added organic olive oil, as well as organic butter. I try to maintain these four in the ratio of 1 : 1 : 2 : 1.5, which is omega-3 : omega-6 : omega-9 : saturated fat, respectively, each day.

Our skin cells, which turn over about every 28 days on average, need omega-3 and omega-6 in the right ratio to divide and build healthy cells. These essential fatty acids are used in the construction of the new cell membranes, which are the outer casings that surround the cells. The essential fatty acids make your skin cells pliable, soft, and bouncy.      

Of course, when it comes to maintaining healthy skin, there are other factors including plenty of pure water, the right amino acids from the diet for the production of collagen and elastin fibres, etc., etc.

Remember, with the skin, you need to nourish and hydrate the middle layer, which is the dermis, from the inside through proper nutrition and regular hydration, respectively.

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