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Long Healthy Life: The Longevity Solution

FAQ #22: The following is the answer to long healthy life, which is the twenty-second frequently asked question in our series.

"No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us, and new beauty waiting to be born." ... by Dale. E. Turner

A. Answering the Question

Many boomers are experiencing anxiety about their health, and in particular, their longevity, as they age. This is normal. But, what is not normal is doing nothing about your current situation.

You may be building material wealth, but by ignoring all the signs and symptoms of aging, it means you are losing your physical health. It also means you are aging too quickly. The key is follow a lifestyle that is conducive to living a long healthy life.

Your Biological Age Rules: If you are in your mid-50s and you are experiencing numerous symptoms of disease then your biological age could be that of a person with a chronological age of 75. This is not a good situation to be in.

On the other hand, if your energy level is high and you have no outward signs or symptoms of disease, then your biological age could be comparable to someone with an actual age of 35. This is what you want!

What are saying?

One of the secrets of longevity is to always keep your biological age 20 to 30 years below your actual or chronological age.

Ok, I understand. Now, what can I do to live a long healthy life?

B. Presenting the Longevity Solution for a Long Healthy Life

The road to longevity lies in leading a lifestyle that is conducive to the development of an ageless body and mind.

Enter the Longevity Program

The program is geared to adults between the ages of 25 and 65 who are within 10 per cent of their set point weight, which is the weight they had when they were 18 years of age, and who have already completed the second program in the series called the Disease Prevention Program, either stream 1 or stream 2. The program is based on the four pillars of health, namely:

    Nutrition protocols,
    Exercise routines,
    Stress reduction techniques, and
    Detoxification methods.

Prevention is the Key

A long life full of vim, vigour, and vitality are yours for the taking! We deal with the root causes of joint inflexibility, muscle mass reduction, and bone density loss, as well as skin, brain, and nerve deterioration with age. Again, prevention is the key. The Longevity Program prevents further degradation of these tissue structures and recovers the losses in the body by way of:

    individualized nutrition plans,
    functional and loaded movement routines for total body strength,
    stress reduction techniques, and
    cleansing, drainage, and detoxification protocols,

as well as other pertinent lifestyle changes, as deemed necessary for success.

Ok, I want to live a long healthy life. What should I do first?

C. Now, you need to Sign-up for the Right Program

With the Preventative Health Programs listed below you not only get your energy back, but you also become stronger physically, aerobically fit, and nutritionally sound. This is because the programs are designed with a balanced approach in mind with exercise and nutrition weaved throughout the modules.

Register for the program that is applicable to your current situation:

a. If you are between the ages of 25 and 65 and are currently overweight then the:

b. However, if you are between the ages of 25 and 65 and not currently overweight then the:

c. Or, if your are between the ages of 25 and 65, of normal weight, and have already completed the second program in the series called the Disease Prevention Program, either Stream 1 or 2, then the:

Note: There is no use signing up for the longevity program if you are currently overweight and/or you have done nothing over the years to ward off the big four degenerative diseases. The programs have been designed to be taken in a specific order.

Sorry, there are no quick fixes and short cuts when it comes to normalizing one's health and building longevity at the cellular level. It takes time to recover and rebuild. That's just the way our bodies work!

The case of Katharine Weber ...

Living to 100 Years of Age as shared by a Canadian Centenarian

Katharine Weber was born the same year a test aircraft, with wings of steel, silk and electrical tape, took off from an ice field in Baddeck, Nova Scotia. It was 1909, and it's fitting that Katharine, who would become an intrepid world traveler, should share her birth year with Canada's first flight.

Katharine celebrates her 103rd birthday this year, which was in 2012, or the time the article was written. And a look at her life shows just how much can happen in a century. She was a child when tanks rolled across French battlefields in the First World War, she survived Canada's Spanish-flu epidemic, and in her 20s was a secretary for a shipping company during the Great Depression.

She got married at 38 and, craving adventure, jetted off with her new husband to the Colombian rain forest in South America, where they lived until Katharine became pregnant with their first of two sons. Later, after her kids left home, she started traveling in earnest, with trips to Russia, Europe and Australia. At 82, she walked the Great Wall of China.

Often when we think of the elderly, we think of the frail and infirm, the grouchy or senile. We see aging as a losing battle, but Katharine is proof that it doesn't have to be. She lives in the same house in Winnipeg where she raised her sons. She's always been an avid gardener and last summer enjoyed fresh tomatoes from her backyard. She even entertains weekly and calculates her taxes at the close of every year.

What is Katharine's secret to enjoying a healthy old age? She also attributes her longevity to more than good genes: She's positive, she has faith in life, people and a higher power, and she constantly seeks out new experiences.

Lunenberg and Yarmouth: One of the longevity hot spots in the world is in Lunenburg and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. And, one of the highest concentrations of Canadian centenarians lives along these craggy seaside coasts. Experts point to something special in the salty ocean breezes, people's fish-rich diets, and their stress-free community spirit.

Eight more Healthy Habits to help you join the Longevity Revolution:

1. Never Act Your Age: Katharine doesn't look or act her age. "Mum is definitely young at heart," says Thomas. "She recently danced at her granddaughter's wedding and still flies out to visit relatives in Ottawa and Vancouver." Her adventurous spirit has kept her youthful.

2. Shut Down Stress: Katharine has always embraced a quiet, simple life. "I try not to worry, I just try to live," she says."

3. Eat Quality Foods: Calorie restriction (CR) or eating 30 percent fewer calories per day without eliminating essential proteins, vitamins and minerals has the potential to extend life and slow aging.

4. Get Your Sleep: "Most North Americans live in sleep deficit," says Wassef.

5. Move Every Day: Exercising today offers benefits beyond tomorrow.

6. Connect with Others: On Sundays, Katharine's kitchen is filled with warm smells of foods reflecting her German heritage - roasts, rolanden or schnitzel. "Sunday dinners are a tradition we're never going to give up," says Thomas. All the way across the globe, centenarians cherish close ties.

7. Keep the Mind Active: Leslie Beck's Longevity Diet stresses the importance of stimulating your mind daily to keep your brain active and improve cognitive skills. On weekday mornings, Katharine does crossword or Sudoku puzzles and catches up on the Winnipeg Free Press to help her stay sharp.

8. Just Believe: A survey of centenarians found almost a quarter attributed longevity to their faith. Katharine doesn't fear death, but she also doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Instead, she finds peace in her belief in a higher power and the goodness of people.

How to Prevent an Aging Brain!

To reinforce the need for prevention in our lives, our good friends at iHealthTube have provided us with the following video. Dr. Gary Small discusses the most common reasons our brains age which leads to cognitive decline and memory loss. He also discusses prevention and some things you can do to delay this by many years!

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