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Become Aerobically Fit: The Ultimate Solutions

FAQ #10: To become aerobically fit, be sure to include an interval training session as one of your aerobic routines.

A. Answering the Question

In the context of the Preventative Health Programs: Adults are mainly concerned with increasing heart muscle size and/or maintaining heart muscle strength, as well as regaining lost lung capacity and maintaining aerobic efficiency through weight-bearing and bone-loading exercises without high impact on the joints.

That said, high impact, long duration, aerobic-based activities such as long distance running and jogging are out, and long duration, medium-intensity, aerobic endurance workouts like road cycling and treadmill walking are questionable.

If you do participate in one of these activities, it is best to keep it to a minimum, perhaps once a week at most to add some variety to your program and as a method of cross training. In this way, you don't stress your cardiopulmonary system excessively day-after-day.

Ok, I gotcha. So how do I become aerobically fit?

Continue on with the interval training section below!

B. Learning about Interval Training

Be sure to include an aerobics-based, interval training session as one of your exercise routines. It has now been established that a 12-to-15 minute interval training session in which you work your heart and lungs at a higher intensity is much better for:

  1.     increasing heart muscle size and strength,
  2.     enhancing lung power and aerobic capacity, and
  3.     maintaining or losing weight,

versus a conventional 45-to-60 minute, or longer, medium-intensity, aerobic endurance event. It is now known that this approach overtaxes and stresses the heart and lungs, which can be detrimental over the long haul, and wreaks havoc on your knee, hip, and shoulder joints over time. Not good!

What do you mean by that?

The interval training methods are more in line with where we now stand on the evolutionary scale. We are still hunter-gathers in terms of when our genetic code was last set and it is best to emulate their movements in the right environment.

Our Paleolithic ancestors did not jog for miles on end and they didn't peddle a bike for hours at a time. They chased game for food and ran away from predators, but they did this in short, intense spurts. 

You can do an aerobic-style, interval training session at a higher intensity while in the home or in the outdoors.

To get more information on this subject, head over to Exercise Routines page now, which is inside the Exercise Room on this site.

A scene from the beautiful Kolapore Uplands section of the Bruce Trail. The photo was taken by Jim Safianuk while on a hike on the Kolapore loop.One of the ways to become aerobically fit over time is to hike the trails. But not just flat trails. Look for hilly terrain to rebuild lost heart strength and lung capacity.

C. Introducing the Ultimate Solutions to Become Aerobically Fit

To become aerobically fit, consider signing-up for one pf the preventative health programs. There are two paths you can go, namely Option 1 or 2, depending on your particular circumstances.

Option #1: You can sign-up for a comprehensive Four Pillar Program

Four Pillar Programs: Finally exercise and nutrition are together as a team and weaved throughout each of the Four Pillar and Two Pillar Programs. This is as it should be. Consider registering for one of the following programs:

a. If you are between 25 and 65 years of age and currently overweight:

Permanent Weight Loss Program

b. If you are between 25 and 65 years of age and currently not overweight,

Disease Prevention Program Stream 2

With the above programs you not only get stronger physically, but you also become aerobically fit! This is because the programs are designed with a balanced approach to physical fitness.

Option #2:  Or, you can opt for an Exercise-only Program

Combined Cardio and Strength Program: The Combined Cardio and Strength program is great for adults who are:

  • Newly foundational via one of our two beginner programs, or
  • De-conditioned and returning to activity after a long lay off, or
  • Active people who need to improve their total body conditioning.

To find out about it, go to Combined Cardio and Strength Program now.

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