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Get My Energy Back: The Prevention Solution

FAQ #23: To get my energy back, you need to sign-up for one of the four pillar programs described below. Not only do you get your energy back, but you also become nutritionally sound, stronger physically, and aerobically fit. Continue reading for the details.

A. Answering the Question

Many adults are experiencing a decline in energy as they age. This can make your biological age much older that your chronological age, which is not a good situation. It means you are aging too fast.

Your biological age is a marker of how your body is functioning on the inside, especially in terms of your metabolism, for your actual age. If you are in your mid-50s and your energy level is quite low then your biological age could be that of a person with an actual age of 75. On the other hand, if your energy level is very high then your biological age could be comparable to someone with an actual age of 35.

Your energy level could be low for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  • poor mitochondrial health, which are the energy producers in your cells
  • an inability to make new mitochondria with age to replace old, damaged ones 
  • adrenal exhaustion from chronic stress and poor nutrition
  • thyroid is in conservation mode to protect overworked adrenal glands
  • hypothyroidism from a poor nutritional status
  • thyroid is dysfunctional in terms of T3 and T4 hormone production from nutritional deficiencies

Now, the thyroid is the gland that regulates metabolism throughout he body. It does this in each and every cell through the use of the T4 and T3 hormones. This hormone secretion controls the mitochondria in each cell, which are the little power plants that manufacture the energy currency of the cell, namely ATP.  

What are saying?

To get your energy level back to normal for your actual age:

  • First, you need to do an assessment to check to see if your mitochondria are functioning properly and efficiently, as well as to determine whether or not your mitochondria have switched into the cell danger response mode. If so, then it may be time for an overall of your energy production system, as well as provide support to flip the switch out of cell danger response and back into energy production.   
  • Next, you need to make sure that your adrenal glands are functioning properly. If not, you need to get them back on line and healthy again through stress reduction, proper nutrition, and perhaps an adrenal gland concentrate.
  • Shortly after that, you can check the functioning of your thyroid. If it is in conservation mode, you need to get it back into production mode so that it starts producing T3 and T4 hormones again. This can be done through proper nutrition, especially iodine and maybe selenium. and copper

If your cells are stuck in a Cell Danger Response mode and/or without adequate T3 and T4  hormones in the bloodstream and inside your cells, the mitochondria will not produce enough of the energy molecule ATP to keep your body functioning normally, day-after-day. In short, you will run out of gas!

Ok, I understand. Now, what should I do first to get my energy back?

B. Introducing the Prevention Solution

First, Learn to Enhance your Oxygen Delivery and Energy Production!

Assuming your adrenal and thyroid glands are functioning normally, it's time to peer into the functioning of the mitochondria inside your cells.

One of the three major energy production pathways is governed by the Kreb's cycle. This is an aerobic cycle that depends on oxygen and glucose or fatty acids to produce ATP for energy. It follows then that if your intake of oxygen is low, for whatever reason, your energy will wane or drop during the day.

Loss of Lung Capacity: The oxygen delivery to your cells could be low because your lung capacity has dropped with age. It is known that one's capacity drops about 1/2 to 1 percent per year after the age of 30, unless you do something about it to maintain and then regain this lost capacity. So, by the age of 55, you could be down as much as 25% in your aerobic capacity. Not a good situation.

Shallow Breather: Another reason is that you may be a shallow breather. This is usually due to being in a state of prolonged stress, day-after-day.

Low Red Blood Count: And still another reason could stem from a low red blood cell count in your blood. Oxygen from your lungs piggybacks on the hemoglobin molecule in a red blood cell and is delivered by the blood to your cells. A low red blood count means less oxygen is delivered to the cells throughout your body.

The way out is to regain any lost lung capacity, preferably through an aerobic-based interval training program, jettison any chronic stress in your life so your breathing returns to normal, and increase your red blood cell count so the oxygen is delivered efficiently to your cells.

The idea is to flood your body with oxygen in order to increase your energy production throughout the day. You can also use oxygen therapies such as deep breathing, aerobic exercises, and rebounding.

Ok, I think I understand how to get my energy back.

Next, consider signing-up for a Preventative Health Program

With the four pillar programs listed below you not only get your energy back, but you also become nutritionally sound, stronger physically, and aerobically fit. This is because the programs are designed with a balanced approach in mind with nutrition protocols, exercise routines, stress reduction techniques, and detoxification methods weaved throughout the programs. These are known as the four pillars of health.

C. Applying the Solution to Get My Energy Back

Now, register for one of the following preventative health programs:

a. If you are between the ages of 25 and 65 and currently overweight:

Permanent Weight Loss Program

b. If you are between the ages of 25 and 65 and currently not overweight,

Disease Prevention Program Stream 2

With the above programs you will not only get your energy back, but you will change your body for good. In fact, you will like the new you so much, you will never want to go back to the way it used to be. We are certain of this!

The case of Norman Walker ...

Norman Walker was recognized throughout the world as one of the most authoritative students of life, health, and nutrition. For almost 70 years, Mr. Walker researched man's ability to live a longer, healthier life until his own death at the age of 114. Yes, that's 114 years of life. So, he was his own glowing example of achieving vibrant health through proper thought, diet, and body care.

One of his famous books on health and nutrition is entitled Become Younger and is a focus of this case study because of its timely information about energy in the body. or a lack thereof. Mr. Walker wrote the following in the first chapter of his book:

"The condition of the body is the direct result of the mental and physical care it has had in the past. I emphasize the mental care, because the state of the mind is of vital importance in the condition of every person. One cannot have health and think constantly of ailments and sickness." He goes on to say, "The physical field is more simple, but requires a colossal amount of determination and will power. It means the rebuilding and the regeneration of the body. This is really much more simple than would appear at first, but it takes time, patience, and unfailing persistence."

According to Mr. Walker to become younger, you must have energy, which involves the practice of simple rules for the generation and conservation of energy.

1. For instance, do you worry and fret about matters, over which you have no control? If so, you need to know that this dissipates energy faster than you can accumulate it. In short, stress drains your energy. You need to jettison the stress that is in your body because it is one of the greatest enemies of youthfulness.

2. Next, do you go about your work without regard of your strength and to how long you have been at it without a break? In doing so you are literally wasting your energy at the expense of your youthfulness and of your efficiency. If so, you need to relax and recharge your batteries. In this way, you will move closer to balancing your life.

3. Do you know to what extent the quality of the air in your lungs dampens your energy and induces fatigue? If not, learn to get rid of the shallow breathing, which causes stress and anxiety. Instead, learn to deep breathe, which floods your body with oxygen. When you practice this technique, your energy level will begin to soar.

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