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Our Speak

The Our Speak page contains 34 words and phrases that we use throughout the site, in our programs, and as part of our social and e-mail communications. Although this vocabulary is in everyday use at Orthocellular, a lot of the words and phrases may be new to you, since they are not yet in common use in the mainstream of today. Hopefully, that will change in the future. 

A short message from Jim ...


A quote from Dresden James ...

To kick off the Our Speak page, I'd like to include a pertinent quote about those who speak the truth today in the mainstream where misinformation, myths, and sometimes out-and-out lies are the norm.

"A truth's initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed ... When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." ... by Dresden James

Getting Started with Our Speak

Cells: On average there are 70 trillion cells in the human body of various types, shapes, and sizes. They are composed of smaller sub-units called mitochondria and ribosomes, as well as the nucleus, which houses our chromosomes, DNA, and genes.    

Cellular Health: This terms relates to the functioning of the cell on a daily basis. When the cell is healthy, essential nutrients including oxygen pass readily into the cell and metabolic wastes easily leave the cell, both in a timely manner.

Cellular Toxicity: When the cell is contaminated with foreign toxins and/or metabolic wastes, it becomes unhealthy and dies off. When enough cells in a region die off from congestion and suffocation, because nutrients and oxygen can't get to the cells, you have the origins of a disease, either inflammatory, chronic, or otherwise.

Correcting Cells: The Greek word ortho means correcting or straightening something. But, in the context of the company name Orthocellular and the preventative health programs, the term refers to normalizing cell function with the help of the 60 essential nutrients of life in order to recover, rebuild, and renew the body as a whole.

Changing Bodies: On the nutrition side, changing bodies refers to recovering, rebuilding, and renewing the body all the way down at the cellular level. In that context, we are changing the body from the inside out. On the exercise end, it refers to altering one's body composition in terms of the ratio of muscle mass to fat mass so as to return the body to its desired set point weight. In this sense, we are changing the body from the outside in.   

Cleansing: Step 1: First Up: For some, cleansing usually refers to the process of clearing out the four primary exit channels of elimination in the body, namely the colon, kidneys, lungs, and skin. After these exit channels are cleansed, one can proceed to a deeper detoxification. So in this sense, especially for beginners new to detoxification, and in need of a full-body detox, it is the first methodology to follow before moving on to a deeper detoxification. Refer to Detoxification: Step 2: Next Up below.

Drainage: However, other practitioners define it as gently cleansing the blood circulation and digestive system first, which prevents the discomfort many people experience when trying to cleanse successfully. By draining toxins from the blood and colon, as a first step, you prevent re-absorption through the digestive system. In this way, you are making room for the body's natural processes of detoxification to occur successfully during Step 2. Refer to Detoxification: Step 2: Next Up below.

Detoxification: Step 2: Next Up: This word refers to the process of removing toxins from inside the detoxification organs to outside of the body. The program needs to provide support for the body's innate detoxification pathways, namely, the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and lymphatics. However, it can also refer to the Phase I and Phase II detoxification processes that take place inside the liver because the liver is your main organ of detoxification.

Detoxification Methods: This refers to the three processes of cleansing, drainage, and detoxification.

Disease Threshold | Disease Zone | Disease State: It is now well known that all disease stems from one or more nutritional deficiencies and/or from one or more cellular toxicities. When enough cells in a region of tissue are undernourished, and/or deprived of oxygen, and/or contaminated with toxins, you have the root causes(s) of a disease. If you cross the disease threshold and enter into the disease zone, you may have one or more of the numerous diseases of modern man. However, when you slip further and fall into a disease state, you have one or more of the degenerative diseases, namely, a lung disorder, heart disease, diabetes, and/or cancer. Our programs are not designed to handle the above four degenerative diseases. Please consult with a physician in your area.     

Disease Prevention Program: This is the second program in the Four Pillar Program series offered by Orthocellular. This comprehensive, ten-appointment program is designed to pull the client back from the disease threshold and prevent the big four degenerative diseases from getting a foothold in the body. It consists of four phases, namely, recovery, rebuild, renewal, and maintenance.

Time for a break? Try and relax for awhile with this scene ... 

A scene from the beautiful Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail near Hoggs Falls.A scene from the beautiful Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail near Hoggs Falls. The impetus for our speak came from such a hike. Connect with nature and watch your own creativity soar!

You can also listen to the sound of the water flowing in the above stream. Note that you may have to lower your speaker volume.

More of our speak now ...

Doof: This word is food spelled backwards. In the contest of the preventative health programs, food refers to the natural, whole foods way of eating. However, the word doof was invented to distinguish between natural, whole foods and fast, convenience, and processed foods. Fast foods, convenience crap, and processed pap are not real foods because they have been stripped of essential nutrients, heated which destroys digestive enzymes, and laced with artificial additives, refined sugar, table salt, vegetable oils, and rancid fats. So, on the site, the word food will always refer to the natural, whole foods way while the word doof, if and when used, will refer to the non-foods mentioned above, in which the life, energy, and synergy have been removed.         

Drinks: This word refers to everything other than fluids. Here, you have soda pop, diet soda pop, pasteurized and homogenized cow's milk, energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit juices, and all other drinks containing loads of refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, colourants, and/or caffeine. These products do not belong in a healthy, adult body. So, on the site we always use the word fluids instead. In light of the preventative health programs, you won't see the word drinks used at all.

Drugs: It refers to prescribed, over-the-counter, and elicit drugs, in all its forms. These substances are treated as foreign invaders by our immune system and are difficult for our livers to breakdown, especially when they are consumed day after day. When the liver cannot handle the excess, it will transfer the drug or its metabolite to one's abdominal fat for storage because most of them are fat soluble. And, it is now common knowledge that one drug begets another drug, due to the numerous side effects and harmful adverse reactions. In terms of the preventative health programs, the word drugs does not exist.  

Exercise Routines: This term refers to any number of indoor or outdoor workouts weaved strategically throughout the Four Pillar, Two Pillar, and Exercise-only programs. The idea is to enhance total body conditioning in both the cardio-respiratory and muscular-skeletal systems, as well build core stability and strength.

Foods: As mentioned earlier, in the contest of the preventative health programs, food is short for the natural whole foods way of eating. So, when we use the word food or foods in our programs, we are referring to natural whole foods only, and nothing else. 

Fluids: These are the five or so pure-water based liquids that need to be consumed on a daily basis to maintain proper hydration in the body. Here, we have purified water, herbal teas made from purified water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and saline solutions diluted with pure water, organic, freshly-squeezed, fruit juices diluted with pure water, freshly-squeezed vegetable juices, and organic, almond and/or hemp milk. 

Fortifiers: There are at least four groups of antioxidants that are used in the body as fortifiers. They include network, endogenous, phytochemical, and herbal antioxidants. They are used to quench free radicals in the body. Free radicals are oxidants that cause inflammation of our tissues and joints, as well as chronic disease. We are interested in three main phytochemical sub-groups, namely the carotenoids, flavonoids, and ellagitannins. They are all of prime importance in regard to their antioxidant potential and along with the network antioxidants are included in the fortification kits, which are part of the maintenance programs.      

Four Pillar Programs: This is a subset of the preventative health programs offered by Orthocellular. Four pillars refers to the four pillars of health. These are the most comprehensive programs since they include nutrition protocols, exercise routines, stress reduction techniques, and detoxification methods, which are woven throughout the appointments, as well as in the maintenance program at the end.

Four Pillars of Health: The four pillars of health include nutrition protocols, exercise routines, stress reduction techniques, and detoxification methods.

Longevity Program: This is the third and final program in the Four Pillar Program series offered by Orthocellular. This comprehensive, ten-appointment program is designed to regain and then maintain the strength and integrity of his or her joints, muscles, bones, skin, and brain. When these structural components of the framework are intact, the client will cross the threshold into the longevity zone.

Do you need another break? OK, take a few deep breaths and imagine yourself sitting next to the falling water in this scene. 

A scene from the beautiful Beaver Valley section of the Bruce Trail at Hoggs Falls.A scene from the beautiful Beaver Valley section at Hoggs Falls. Speaking of longevity, get closer to the water and reconnect with nature. You will add years to your life if you do!

A pertinent and timely quote from Chief Seattle ...

"Man does not weave the web of nature, he is merely a strand in it."

Chief Seattle urged us to think not just of ourselves, but the web that connects us all. He was a very wise man indeed!

Let's continue with our speak ...

Natural Whole Foods Way: This refers to the proper foods, as well as the correct way of eating that is emphasized in all the nutrition protocols in the preventative health programs. The short name for the natural whole foods way is just food or foods.

Nutrition: In the context of the preventative health programs, nutrition is a cover word for the 60 essential nutrients of life. This refers to the essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, essential carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, pure water, clean oxygen, natural light, and free electrons that are all needed to maintain a healthy body at the cellular level. Our bodies need these raw materials on a regular basis to sustain cellular functions, produce energy, build protein structures, repair our framework, and quell inflammatory fires by quenching excess oxidants.  

Nutritional Protocols: This refers to the protocols that are found in the Four- Pillar, Two-Pillar, and Nutrition-only programs. The protocols are based on the natural, whole foods way of eating. Foods, fluids, and fortifiers are all covered. 

Nutritional Deficiency: A nutrient deficiency stems from a way of eating and drinking that is lacking in one or more of the 60 essential nutrients of life. Along with cellular toxicities and rampant inflammation, nutritional deficiencies are another one of the major root causes of the development of disease.

Orthocellular: This is the short form of our company name, which is Orthocellular Nutrition and Exercise Incorporated.

One Pillar Program: This refers to the Nutrition-only, Exercise-only, Stress-only, and Detox-only programs. These programs are targeted and get results in a short period of time. They are geared to clients who need help now in a specific area. But remember they are only one-pillar programs. 

Permanent Weight Loss Program: This is the first program in the Four Pillar Program series offered by Orthocellular. This comprehensive program consists of 12 appointments spread over a 9-month period of time. It is designed to reduce the client's weight back down to his or her first set point weight. At the same time, the program works to modify his or her body composition so that the amount of muscle mass remains high relative to the amount of fat mass in the body. In this way, one's metabolism is always revving throughout the day and the weight stays off, permanently. The program consists of four phases, namely, recovery, rebuild, renewal, and maintenance.

Prevention: In the context of the preventative health programs, the word prevention refers to the Disease Prevention Program, Streams 1 and 2, which is geared to the prevention of the big four degenerative disease.

Preventative Health Programs: This is the domain name of the site, as well as the overriding phrase that describes the thirty plus programs now offered by Orthocellular.  

Program: A format for providing help and guidance to a client using a one-on-one approach with a preventative health practitioner. The program is split into phases and a set of appointments. It may include from 4 to 12 appointments, depending on the size of the program. All appointments are arranged in a logical order.

Stress Reduction Techniques: This term refers to a number of techniques that are used early on in the recovery phase of the Four Pillar Programs to reduce the stress that is in your body. It is a known fact that if you are in a state of constant stress, it is impossible to lose weight. Also, prolonged stress is implicated in the development of a number of chronic diseases in the body. It is so important to jettison the stress that is in your body, that a separate one-pillar program was developed, which is the Stress Reduction Program, which is a good way to go if your stress reduction needs are immediate.

Two Arms of Prevention: This phrase refers to the thirty plus preventative health programs, or Arm #1, and the equipment kits that support these same programs, which is Arm #2. You need both arms of prevention to rebuild and maintain your body over time.

Two Pillar Programs: This is another subset of the preventative health programs offered by Orthocellular. There are now 10 two-pillar programs. These programs have both a nutritional aspect and an exercise component. They are the way to go if your goal is to regain your framework and/or maintain certain body structures over time.   

Toxins: These are both endogenous poisons that stem from metabolic wastes generated inside the body and exogenous pollutants that enter the body from our external environment. Collectively, at the cellular level, a build up of contaminants results in congestion, which creates cellular toxicity. Along with nutritional deficiencies, cellular toxicity is another one of the major root causes of disease.      

Now, have a look at the beautiful foliage in the scene below.

A foliage scene from the Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail in Pretty River Park.A scene from the Blue Mountains section of the Bruce Trail in Pretty River Park. The impetus for our speak came from such a hike. Your own creativity will improve after you reconnect with Nature.

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