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The Best Explanation of What A Prescription Drug Actually Does to your Body

Information: Do you really know what a prescription drug is doing inside your body and to the systems that are used to running without one? Do you know what the fourth leading cause of death in this country is? Dr. James Chestnut shares that information as he describes what's really going on in our body when we're on a prescription drug. He also illustrates how being on one prescription often leads to being on another and another. Watch the best explanation of what a prescription drug does to your body

The Best Explanation of What A Prescription Drug Actually Does to your Body

Everyone Should Stop Eating These Four Foods!

Dr. Peter Glidden opens the interview discussing the growing number of anti-depressant prescriptions. The discussion leads to the reason for the increased number of prescriptions and finally four foods he says to stop eating immediately as they could be the cause to so many negative health conditions.
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Scott: I want to talk about another popular drug.  The drug with the most sales in 2013 was an antipsychotic.  One of them, I think it was Abilify, 6.4 billion dollars on it's own.  Two of the top five were in that same drug class.  How concerning is that, that that business has gotten so big?
Dr. Peter Glidden: Well, its extremely concerning.  And if we take it back a step if we drill it down a little more, what's of greater concern is that these drugs are on the rise.  Now we must assume that they're being prescribed prudently and that doctors aren't just willy nilly prescribing these things but the patients are presenting with real symptoms, in real time, that are bothering the patient.  So what does this mean?  This means that psychoactive illnesses, illnesses of, you know, brain chemistry, are on the rise.  Well what could possibly be causing this?  Statin drugs, among other things!  Right?  Plus, fat free diets, plus not enough raw materials for the central nervous system to function the way nature intended it to.  The greater question that needs to be asked here is 'what is causing so many people to need psychoactive medication?'  And from our point of view, the main nutrients involved with funky, for lack of a better word, brain chemistry, minerals.  Trace minerals.  There are 90 essential nutrients that the human body needs to function optimally.  Nine zero.  60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 2 essential fatty acids.  The lion's share are minerals.  You know things like calcium, selenium, zinc, sulfur, right?  And then strange, peculiar, trace minerals like europium, vanadium and chromium and molybdenum that most people have never heard of.  The body needs minerals in order to have healthy, optimized brain function.  Right?  I mean it needs minerals for everything.
Linus Pauling.  Two time Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling.  One of his most famous quotes was 'you can trace every chronic disease, every chronic disease back to a mineral deficiency.'  A mineral deficiency.  So the funny thing about minerals is, and this is one of my specialties.  This is one of ah, one of the areas of medical nutrition that I know a lot about and tons of clinical experience with.  Minerals are only found in the soil.  Animals can not make minerals.  Plants cannot make minerals, right?  If plants could make minerals, we could bioengineer lettuce to make gold.  We'd all be rich.  A cow's body can't make calcium.  Where does a cow get calcium from?  Well, a cow gets calcium from eating grass that was grown in soil in which there was calcium.  Now if there's no calcium in the soil or 10 percent of what should be there, there's going to be no calcium in the cow's body or only 10 percent.  And so forth and so on.  It all goes back to the soil.  Because the soil is minerally deficient, our bodies are minerally deficient.  And this is getting bigger and bigger, and bigger and bigger, and bigger and bigger and bigger because of two things.
Number one, modern agricultural methods have removed the bacteria that are in the soil.  The bacteria that are in the soil digest the minerals that are in the soil.  And then the plants suck up the digested minerals.  And then we eat the plant, right?  So, because of modern agricultural methods with pesticide use, extreme pesticide use, the soils, the bacterias that live in the soils are being killed so even if the minerals are in the soil, which they're not, the bacteria aren't present to digest them and the plants going to be minerally deficient.  If the plant is minerally deficient, guess what?  The farmer needs... the plant is weak.  So the farmer needs to use more pesticides to put on the plant to keep the bugs from eating it because they don't want to lose the crop.  So it's a vicious circle.  It leads to more and more, and more and more, and more and more pesticide use and weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker food.  Now, also when you harvest nutritionally deficient plants, they taste like crap.  So what does the food industry have do to get you to eat them?  Put sugar in the food.  This is one of the reason's why sugar consumption has gone up, I don't know, like 800 percent.  It's crazy how much sugar we eat here.  And you know, it's not because the sugar industry is out to destroy humanity.  It's because the food tastes like crap.  Why does the food taste like crap?  Because it's grown in minerally deficient soil.  Period.  So everybody's bodies are becoming more and more and more and more minerally deficient as we go further and further in time. 
Now when you combine bad farming processes, which are snowballing into extreme mineral deficiencies, with one other thing... people's bodies get... mineral deficiencies accelerate to a tremendous degree... whole grains.  Wheat, barley, rye and oats... contain gluten.  Gluten is a protein.  A protein is a long chain of amino acids, it's like a string of pearls.  And it's the stomach's job to break that string of pearls, liberate the individual amino acids, which are essential nutrients.  But the chemical bonds, which hold the amino acids of gluten together, are really, really difficult for most people's stomach acid to break.  So if you eat a whole wheat sandwich, you chew it up, you swallow it, it goes down into your stomach and the acid in your stomach tries to break the string of pearls of the protein in the gluten, but it can't do it.  So now instead of individual amino acids tumbling through the small intestine, which is the next stage of digestion... you get these big architectural strings of proteins, undigested protein.  Now, your small intestine's job is to absorb the nutrients that your stomach has just turned into liquid, into the blood stream.   And your small intestine does that through tiny tissue called villi.  They're like octopus arms.  And the job of the villi is to grab onto the nutrient and bring it into the blood stream, right?  Well, when the villi attempts to grab onto an individual amino acid, no problemo.  But when the villi attempts to grab onto a long, complicated chain of unbroken amino acids, they become destroyed or they become inflamed.  Now it's the villi's job to absorb nutrients. 
Which leads to one of life's greatest ironies.  The more whole grains you eat, the harder it is for your body to absorb the nutrients that your stomach just digested.  So not only are the foods minerally deficient because the soil's minerally deficient, but your body's ability to absorb what little nutrition there is in the food is extremely compromised because you listened to General Mills, Proctor and Gamble, Monsanto and the people that make the food.  It's a bad idea to let the people who make the food give you advice on what to eat.  Four of the most dangerous foods on planet earth... wheat, barley, rye and oats.  My recommendation for everybody, 100 percent, across the board: stop eating these foods completely, for four weeks in a row.  Four weeks.  Four weeks in a row.  28 days.  Then on day 29, eat a lot of gluten.  Have pancakes for breakfast, have a sandwich for lunch, have cookies and crackers, have pasta for dinner.   And see how you feel.  As God as my witness, if you make it to lunch without something bad happening, I'll eat my hat.  This is one of the most overlooked negative health things in the country right now.  This is a deadly combination of not enough minerals in the food period.  And then interrupting your body's ability to absorb what little nutrients there are.  And this is why chronic diseases are accelerating.  Like autism, right?  We believe autism is caused by bad nutrition in the blood of the pregnant mother.  As the fetus is developing, it needs raw materials to make a brain, make a heart, make a liver, make a kidney.  You can't make that out of pixie dust and air.  The body needs 90 essential nutrients.   60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids.  But they're not in the blood of the mother because she's eating whole wheat cereal!  And skim milk and margarin and is avoiding salt like the plague! 
So from the proper perspective, with all of the data points, it all starts to make sense.  But because the MDs are trained in an old fashioned, out dated, archaic, dangerous understanding of the human body, they completely miss all of the most important things.  So, their job again, is not to fix the problem.  You can't fix a nutrient deficiency disease with a drug.  You can manage it, which is better than suffering from the disease, I guess.  But it's better, don't you think, especially in the United States of America, to try to get to the root cause of what's causing the problem and fix it?  And that's what we do.  That's what the naturopathic profession does.  And on my website, I have a membership site on my website.  I have over 100 hours of archived health webinars that people can have access to as a member of my website, that talks all about this stuff at length.  You know there's a... one of the most famous old testament sayings 'my people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.'  Well, simple things that people can learn can make all the difference in their lives.  And you know, that's why I have a radio show, that's why I lecture as much as I do, that's why I'm with you here, right now.  And by the way, I really want to give you a shout out and your company a shout out.  People are suffering and there has to be a reason and the MDs don't have the answer.  There is an answer but the answer exists in this domain.  And this is why what you are doing is so very important.

Everyone Should Stop Eating These Four Foods

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