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The Preventative Way 4
Our Bodies Talk but Our Cells Rule

Here, on The Preventative Way 4 page we have more info related to how we function at the cellular level to keep our bodies healthy. Visit this series often as new facts, quotes, tips, and traps will be added from time to time. And remember, our cells always rule! ... Mr. Prevention   

"Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life." … T.A. Edison 

The above quote is a great lead in to this section that deals with holistic nutrition and the body as one, holistic, integrated entity, as well as with the need for a four-pillar comprehensive approach to building superior health.  

Body Talk #13:  What does the word holistic mean?

Mr. Prevention says: I'm repeating the following quote from John Barron that was first introduced on the previous page entitled The Preventative Way 3 to emphasis what the word holistic actually means. According to John, the body is one integrated, holistic entity.

The following is is a great quote from Jon Barron of Baseline Nutritionals about the need to treat our bodies as holistic entities. It was excerpted from an article he posted on his site called Five Scientific Myths about Fat. .... "The fundamental problem for nutritionists is the same problem faced by medical doctors: the body is not an assembly of isolated pieces. But rather, it is comprised of a myriad of systems, organs, cells, and chemical systems all working together to create one integrated, holistic entity -- you. ..., denying your body one crucial element today, may cause a fatal disease several years down the road. It's not a question of nutrients in isolation, but how those nutrients work together. Forgetting to balance the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in your body today can result in a heart attack in 2022. Supplement with thousands of milligrams of calcium today as your doctor instructs and you can still be stricken with osteoporosis by the time you turn 55 if you don't also supplement with magnesium, boron, and vitamin K and D. ... Your body is a holistic creation -- and the nutrients that support it are too. Forget that fact, as too many physicians and nutritionists do, and you will pay the price down the road."

So what exactly is an holistic nutritionist?

The term appears to be misleading because rarely will you find a nutritionist who deals with all the systems including the cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, neurological, brain, musculoskeletal, fascial, digestive, elimination, and hormonal all at once, as well as the associated cells, tissues, and organs, plus the biochemical systems, even in the course of several sessions with a client. That is why a four-pillar approach is needed by all practitioners in the future. To treat the body as an integrated, holistic entity we first need to look at it from a macroscopic level where all four pillars of health are addressed. Let me explain!

First, let's examine a couple of definitions from the Gage Canadian Dictionary, as follows:

  • Holism: The philosophical theory that living nature consists of wholes that are greater than the sum of their parts.
  • Holistic: Emphasizing the importance of the relationship between parts or elements and wholes. Of or having to do with wholism.

So, it becomes apparent that the term holistic nutritionist doesn't have the real meaning that it is intended to convey. Treat one symptom or administer one supplement, and you are addressing only a part and not the body as a whole. This is not good enough, because the various systems in the body function together on a daily basis. Imbalances and deficiencies are created this way. Instead, with the four pillars of health you touch on all systems in the body over the course of a program. 

With the nutrition protocols one is dealing mainly with the digestive, elimination, immune, cardiovascular, metabolic, and detoxification systems while the exercise routines address the cardiopulmonary, muscular, skeletal, fascial, and hormonal systems. The stress reduction techniques are concerned with the neurological, brain, and hormonal systems, while the detoxification methods mainly address the digestive, elimination, immune, and detoxification systems. There is sometimes an overlap since the body is an integrated whole.  

Mr. Prevention says: What the above means is that when you address the health of the body with a four-pillar integrated approach within the same program, you will be able to cover all the bases, and let the body begin the healing process at the cellular, tissue, organ, and glandular levels. At times you may need to intervene to help boost a particular system, organ, or gland with a targeted approach with a specific supplement. In addition, we need to strive to get the client to adapt the natural, whole foods way, which supplies the 50 essential nutrients of life in the right quantities to provide nutritional coverage and in the correct proportions relative to one another to maintain a nutrient balance throughout the body.

Body Talk #14: The Four Pillars of Health in 5th Century B.C. 

The first physicians were all herbalists, as evidenced by the valuable description of herbs used in medicine set down by Hippocrates in the fifth century B.C. Hippocrates firmly believed that treatment of a specific complaint should be carried out only as a part of the treatment of the whole man. He stressed the importance of diet to a man's health as well as his habits and the environment in which he lived.

Mr. Prevention says: Hippocrates was a proponent of both the treatment of the person as an integrated whole and the four pillars of health. Diet refers to the nutritional protocols while habits can be taken to mean various lifestyle choices such as exercise routines, or lack thereof, as well as one's 's stress level, quality of sleep, and associated stress reduction techniques. Environment refers to the cleanliness of the air, water, and food or level of toxicity associated with these elements, as well as the detoxification methods needed to deal with toxin buildup in the body.

Yes, Hippocrates understood the benefits of the four pillars of health way back then, better than most people do today. In the 21st century, when treating the body as one, integrated, holistic entity we need to understand that the cell remains healthy and functions properly when it's internal environment is clear of metabolic wastes and harmful toxins, not subjected to hormonal and metabolic imbalances due to chronic stress, and provided with sufficient sleep to recover, repair, and regenerate itself. Now, add in the 50 essential nutrients of life via the right, nutritional protocols and flood the body with plenty of clean oxygen by way of the correct, exercise routines and/or outdoor activity, and you have given your cells all the raw materials it needs to keep itself and your entire body healthy. 

After providing the above building blocks via the four pillars of health, let the various systems in your body take over. Now, all you need to do is get out of their way. The systems have evolved and adapted over eons of time to rebuild, repair, and regenerate you at the cellular and tissue level. Their sole purpose is to keep this one, integrated, holistic entity healthy and happy. Let them have their way!                 

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The Preventative Way with
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On The Preventative Way page we reveal a number of scientific facts related to how we function at the cellular level to keep our bodies healthy. Visit this page often as new facts, quotes, videos, tips, and traps will be added from time to time.

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