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Current Nutrition Article
The Natural Whole Foods Way

The current nutrition article in our series is posted below.

Our bodies require 50 essential nutrients on a daily basis to maintain health. Most of these essentials need to come from the foods we eat each day. Natural, whole foods that is!

Natural foods, when consumed whole, are not only high in the nutrients are bodies need, but they are rich in enzymes and co-factors, which are the helpers needed for proper digestion, absorption, and utilization at the cellular level.

Antioxidants Count in Large Amounts: In addition, some of these whole foods contain numerous antioxidants that our bodies need to scavenge free radicals in our lungs, GI tract, bloodstream, and elsewhere. This is vitally important because it is these oxidants that cause silent inflammation to run rampant in the linings of our lungs, intestines, and arteries. And in turn, it is inflammation that is at the root of many diseases, chronic and otherwise.

In particular, the three known phytochemical antioxidants that are of prime importance include the:

  • flavonoids
  • carotenoids, and
  • ellagitannins.
The Synergistic Effect: The synergistic effect is what makes natural whole foods so powerful and absolutely necessary in the body. After all, it is a long journey for each nutrient.

The food starts off in your mouth, but the individual nutrients need to make it all the way into your cells to do their jobs. And this can only happen efficiently when the nutrients are supplied from whole foods.

Unique on the Inside: The natural whole foods way can be geared to ones biochemical individuality, then customized further, and ultimately fine-tuned for ones body type. After all, we are not only unique on the outside, but also unique on the inside, especially when it comes to metabolizing food.

By following the natural whole foods way of eating, you are providing the building blocks your body needs at the cellular level to construct a healthy you from the next generation of cells after division takes place.

That concludes our current nutrition article.

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