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Permanent Weight Loss: The Complete Solution

The third article in the archive is entitled Permanent Weight Loss: The Complete Solution. After reading the article you will get a good overview of the comprehensive approach taken on the site and in the weight loss program in terms of the three phases and the four pillars, as well as the underlying benefits.

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The article is 350 words in total.

The old approach to lose weight was to use crash diets and/or strenuous, exercise regimens in a gym. None of these approaches work and any weight that is lost is readily regained after a few months. In short, fad diets and fancy gadgets will not cut it in terms of lasting weight loss.

Permanent Weight Loss Program

This program has been developed to address the need for a complete solution. It is based on the fact that there are many reasons people gain weight and that all of these root causes have to be addressed for success to be realized. In this case, success is measured in terms of permanent weight loss.

Three Phases and Four Pillars

In light of the above, the weight loss program is a comprehensive approach that covers all the bases in terms of weight gain and loss. The program consists of three phases named:

  •     Recovery
  •     Rebuild, and
  •     Renewal

as well as four pillars of health, namely:

  1. Nutritional protocols to fix deficiencies and imbalances 
  2. Exercise routines designed to impart functional movement and strength
  3. Stress reduction techniques to tame chronic stress
  4. Detox methods to cleanse the body internally and get the toxins out

Underlying Benefits

Furthermore, this new paradigm focuses on important issues other than just weight loss and watching the scales. To this effect, it has several underlying themes and benefits that will remove the barriers that hinder weight loss, namely:

  • Sleep is restored so that it is solid and sound
  • Stress is reduced back to a normal level
  • Underlying hormonal imbalances are fixed
  • Inflammation is cooled
  • Digestion is normalized
  • Nutrition is customized for your unique biochemical makeup
  • Dietary habits are designed to keep the toxins out
  • Healthy habits are weaved one at a time into your lifestyle so they become permanent

Behavioural Changes

In addition, since psychological factors and behavioural changes play a significant role in weight gain and loss, the following issues are also addressed:

    Positive attitude
    Overeating due to feelings of sadness, anger, stress, boredom, or hunger
    Excess eating due to unresolved emotional issues
    Ending of food temptations
    Reduction and/or elimination of trigger foods

That concludes the article entitled permanent weight loss.

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