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Three Nutrition Myths Debunked

The fifth article is entitled Three Nutrition Myths Debunked. After you read the article you will be able to debunk some of the myths that prevail in the mainstream when it comes to weight gain and its connection with both nutrition and exercise. The current nutrition article is 600 words in total.

Developing awareness of your body and its nutritional needs means that you honestly observe the types and quantities of food that support your health, as well as those foods that detract from your wellness.

As you hone your skill of understanding what your body is telling you about its relationship with the food you are ingesting, you begin to develop a conscious awareness of proper nutrition. Instead of waging war with your body, you form an alliance with it, nourishing it with what it really needs to support you at the cellular level.

Let's debunk three myths about nutrition and exercise and replace them with awareness tips that you can put to use now and in the future. Here are three nutrition myths debunked for you.

The First Myth

Myth #1: I am aware that all people gain weight as they age. Wrong, another myth someone told you or that you heard somewhere. Since up to 65% of the people in North America are now overweight or obese, there must be something wrong. Absolutely, and it's not only from the food on their plates.

What do you mean by that?

Tip #1: Usually, sedentary people gain weight. We lose on average about 1/2 lb of muscle mass per year after the age of 25. So, by the age of 50, you could have lost a minimum of 12.5 lbs of lean muscle mass, if you did nothing to prevent the loss.

Why is that so important?

There are two main reasons:

  1. First, muscle tissue is the big metaboliser in the body. They use up to 75% of all the kilocalories you take in during the day. However, when you lose muscle mass over time, and all else being equal, the excess caloric intake cannot be burned, so it has to go somewhere. The body stores the excess as fat, especially in the abdominal region, which is not good.
  2. Second, muscles need to be worked to keep from atrophying. This is how it has been since our ancient ancestors roamed the planet, and it is still the same today. We have 600+ muscles in the body for a reason. We are built for movement. You gotta work them!

The Second Myth

Myth #2: I heard that weight can be controlled through proper nutrition alone. This is not correct. Even the nutritionists now admit that nutritional advice by itself can take a client only so far in terms of weight, health, and wellness.

Tip #2: To be effective, your nutrition program must be run in tandem with the right exercise program. In short, you need both nutrition and exercise in your life.

Aside: It is a hallmark of this site, and especially at the Preventative Health Centre, that the three major programs listed below all have nutrition and exercise aspects weaved throughout their appointments:

    Permanent Weight Loss Program
    Disease Prevention Program
    Longevity Program

Let's continue now with the rest of the article.

The Third Myth

Myth #3:  I heard that weight can be controlled just with exercise by itself. Again, this is incorrect. Even the personal trainers realize that an exercise program won't cut it by itself.

Tip #3: In fact, up to 80% of the effectiveness of your exercise program stems from your nutritional approach to life and what you put in your body on a daily basis in terms of foods, fluids, and fortifiers.

In our fast-paced North American society, eating is frequently done with little or no thought as to what is being ingested. Excess body fat is a direct consequence of this fast approach to life, and the poor nutritional choices that come with it.

To reiterate, you need both exercise and nutrition in your life. It’s just the way our bodies work.

That concludes the article Three Nutrition Myths Debunked.

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For Additional Information

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