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Current Detox Article
The Healing Crisis

The current detox article is shown below.

Sometimes when you are detoxifying, particularly during your first cleanse or two, you may experience symptoms that are often referred to as a healing crisis or Herxheimer's reaction. This type of reaction is characterized by a temporary increase in symptoms during the cleansing or detoxification process.

Reactions, when they occur, are almost always mild, but on rare occasions can be severe. There are three main reasons for a healing crisis:

Large-Scale Die-Off of Bacteria: This can release a large number of endotoxins, which are poisons present inside the bacteria themselves. The more virulent these toxins are and the greater the colony of bacteria that releases them, the stronger the reaction that is felt.

The following can all trigger large-scale bacterial die-offs:

  • colon cleansing,
  • probiotic treatments,
  • digestive enzyme formulas,
  • immune system enhancers, and
  • pathogen destroyers.
Liver Purges its Stored Poisons: Any detoxification process that causes the organs of the body, particularly the liver, to purge their stored toxins, can trigger a cleansing reaction. Remember, the liver is a storehouse of drug residues and poisonous metabolites.

Fat Cells Release their Stored Toxins: Any fasting program or the use of weight-loss herbal formulas can cause a rapid breakdown of fat cells, which are also storehouses for toxins. The rapid release of these toxins into the bloodstream can be accompanied by a detoxification reaction.

To ease your way through a healing crisis, you can:

  • Use a colon stimulation formula to make sure that you are eliminating waste promptly. Symptoms frequently disappear immediately after a good bowel movement.
  • Eat some psyllium seed husks, ground flaxseed, or oat bran daily to absorb toxins and help speed their transit through the elimination system.
  • Drink plenty of fluids including pure water, vegetables juices, and herbal teas to flush the body of toxins.
  • Employ, on occasion, a good enema or colonic irrigation can provide relief.
  • Stop, because in rare situations, temporary cessation may be required.
The body must go through an elimination process to achieve good health. As a result, you may experience some ups and downs, particularly during your first and second detoxifications.

Remember, the symptoms you experience are indicative of the purifying process that is underway. Go as slowly as your body needs to so that your elimination is gradual and comfortable. If symptoms become too severe, stop the detoxification. You can always restart again at a later date. That concludes our current detox article.

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