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Detox Demystified: Five More Tips

The third article in the Detox Articles archive is entitled Detox Demystified: Five More Tips. The article provides a brief overview of the cleansing and detoxification process, and why it is so empowering and necessary in today's world.

He is also the publisher at and owner of Orthocellular Nutrition and Exercise Incorporated.

The article is 480 words in total.

With regards to the current article entitled Detox Demystified, the word detoxification is a loose term, but it could be considered as the quest for internal clean. Depending on whom you ask and what you read, the process can involve everything from changing your diet to giving yourself daily enemas to participating in a seasonal cleansing and detoxification program.

The purpose of true detoxification by professional health care practitioners is to eliminate stored body toxins that may have already caused symptoms such as fatigue and brain fog, or to stop them and future health issues in their tracks.

Basic biological processes such as digestion and cellular respiration produce byproducts that we are genetically hardwired to handle. The colon and liver were designed to easily handle these wastes.

Moreover, a properly functioning body protects itself by either removing internal and external toxins through our elimination organs, which are the:

  • lungs,
  • colon,
  • kidneys, and
  • skin,
or by storing them in tissues where they do the least amount of harm.

However, when our systems get plugged up, the backlog stays in the body, builds up further, and can contribute to short- and long-term problems, as well as to the onset of chronic disease. It is now well known that degenerative diseases stem from nutrient deficiencies and/or toxin buildup.

Let's continue our discussion of detoxification demystified with a look at what beginners need to know and do.

Beginners: If someone is new to cleansing, a general cleanse of the elimination system is a good way to help prepare the body for a future deeper, seasonal detoxification. If your organs of elimination are not working properly, toxins and parasites will only circulate in the body.

As a result a full seasonal detoxification is often more complicated than expected. So, to avoid this from happening, it is always best to cleanse the elimination pathways first, especially the colon, lungs, and skin.

Special Populations: For starters, people who should not detox without supervision are those who are on multiple medications, who have a chronic disease, or who are pregnant or breast feeding.

It Takes Time: Any effort to minimize toxic exposure and give the body a break from harmful foods and lifestyle practices is good, but are you really doing a detox? No, not really!.

To effectively mobilize and eliminate toxins that are stored in the body, it takes time to even start the mobilization process. Although a short-term health food binge is without a doubt beneficial, it can not diminish a routine of taking the body for granted. Again, there are also no quick fixes when it comes to proper cleansing and detoxification.

The First Year: For most clients at the beginning, from 30 days up to 42 days is recommended, twice a year for starters, especially if they are trying to kick a habit and/or have been on a diet of junk, processed, and fast food for a long time. This includes the colon first, then the kidneys, and finally the liver and gallbladder.

After the first year, if they have switched to a natural, whole foods way of eating, they may only need to participate in a fall and a spring cleansing and detoxification of the kidneys, liver, and gallbladder for a total of 12 days each time.

Some of the Benefits: People who cleanse successfully report:

  • better sleep,
  • more energy,
  • better clarity and mental focus,
  • improved digestion, and
  • healthier skin, nails, and hair.
In addition, one of the best benefits of cleansing and detoxification is that people get accustomed to living a healthier lifestyle. They are introduced to a new way of eating that they never would have attempted otherwise, and they discover food cravings and other symptoms are gone.

Which begs the question, "Why would I ever want to go back to the way it was?" It is so empowering.

That concludes the Detox Demystified article.

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