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The Preventative Way 3
Our Bodies Talk but Our Cells Rule

Here, on The Preventative Way 3 page we have more info related to how we function at the cellular level to keep our bodies healthy. Visit this series often as new facts, quotes, tips, and traps will be added from time to time. And remember, our cells always rule! ... Mr. Prevention   

"In wilderness is the preservation of the world." ... by Henry David Thoreau. This quote is a great lead-in for our next segment of Body Talk, which delves into the need to reconnect with nature.   

Body Talk #9:  Our Need to Connect with Nature

Nature Deficit Disorder: The human body needs the touch of nature. However, in our current society, many people have dulled their senses and silenced that need. It's easy to go many months without ever touching the Earth, since most of our activities involve walking on pavement as we move from the home to the car to the office, and to the store.

When was the last time you sat down on the ground or touched the Earth in some way with your bare hands or feet?

Contact with sandy soil, pristine water, natural light, and fresh air is very healing. When stress has built up, or has become chronic, a trip to a trail in the woods, or to a beach on a lake, or even a walk around the block, is often all you need to regain control and jettison your anxieties.

Beyond that, a regular connection with nature keeps you apprised of your place in the ecological system. Many of nature's forces are stronger than an individual human, just as many species are more vulnerable than homo sapiens. This is a  humbling perspective that serves to keep the big picture in mind.

Mr. Prevention says: Our cells jump for joy in nature because that's the only environment they recognize and have known for 50,000+ years. This contact with nature is felt at the cellular level, which then manifests as health and vitality in the body as a whole. The message is clear. We all need to get back into nature! 

Relax to the natural sounds in The Best of Solitudes by Dan Gibson

Body Talk #10: More Microbes than Cells in the Body

Dr. Bill Miller, a physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years,
combines his unique observations about patterns of disease from medicine with current scientific discoveries in many other fields. He mentions how the self is composed of a vast interdependent network of cells and microbial ecologies.

"Our actual narrative is the unseen world," and the cells that make up an individual are outnumbered 10-to-1 by "microbial life that lives in us,
on us, with us-- so much a part of us that we almost live in an illusion of being a singularity, but we really are a vast constellation of life all put together so seamlessly that it fools us into thinking we are just by ourselves," he revealed.

There may be around 100 trillion microbes in the human gut and they are absolutely essential for our well-being, without them the immune and metabolic systems would break down, he reported. While trying to shield themselves and their children from dirt and disease, people may be inadvertently causing an imbalance in their exposure to microbial companions that are needed for optimal health, he explained.

Body Talk #11:  Imaging Molecular Reactions inside the Cell

The following excerpts are from an article entitled Laureate's Life Over the Microscope, which was written by Claudia Dreifus in The New York Times International Weekly edition dated September 19-20, 2015. The article is about Dr. Eric Betzig of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Maryland, who was one of the winners of the Nobel Price for his work on the development of a microscope powerful enough to observe living cells with unprecedented detail.

"The Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to three scientists in 2014 for developing a new class of microscope that may transform biological research by permitting researchers to observe cellular processes as they happen. ... What I and others have been trying to do is create microscopes that can image the building blocks within a cell. The goal is to link molecular and cellular biology, and unravel how inanimate molecules come together to create life. ... By 2008, at Howard Hughes, I developed the lattice light sheet microscope, which can image living cells at unprecedented speeds. I also worked on a highly advanced SIM microscope, ... which would allow us to look at a sample in high resolution and at high speed. ... Since then, we've been working to make his instrument noninvasive enough for live cells. The result is a paper published in Science. We finally have the tool to understand the cell and its full complexity."

Mr. Prevention says: This discovery is truly amazing when you consider how fast molecular reactions are taking place inside the cell. One day this remarkable new microscope may be used to observe through imagery why certain biochemical reactions slow down and stop completely before they proceed to completion. It is known that anabolic processes in the cytoplasm of the cell need certain minerals, such as manganese, magnesium, and/or zinc, to act as co-enzymes or catalysts to help speed up the rates of biochemical reactions.

When the body is nutrient deficient, especially in terms of the above minerals, many anabolic reactions will abort. This is not a good situation because the body needs the end products of these biochemical reactions, which are newly synthesized proteins, such as enzymes, hormones, and structural proteins used inside the cells to maintain cellular function, or sometimes outside the cell for a multitude of purposes.

Hopefully, this advanced microscope will cast light on the shadow that we currently live under with regards to the constant need for the fifty essential nutrients of life, and the extremely important role they play in the successful completion of the anabolic processes inside each cell, which in turn govern the health and longevity of the body as a whole.  

Body Talk #12:  Your Body is a Holistic Creation

The following is is a great quote from Jon Barron of Baseline Nutritionals about the need to treat our bodies as holistic entities. It was excerpted from an article he posted on his site called Five Scientific Myths about Fat. .... "The fundamental problem for nutritionists is the same problem faced by medical doctors: the body is not an assembly of isolated pieces. But rather, it is comprised of a myriad of systems, organs, cells, and chemical systems all working together to create one integrated, holistic entity -- you. ..., denying your body one crucial element today, may cause a fatal disease several years down the road. It's not a question of nutrients in isolation, but how those nutrients work together. Forgetting to balance the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in your body today can result in a heart attack in 2022. Supplement with thousands of milligrams of calcium today as your doctor instructs and you can still be stricken with osteoporosis by the time you turn 55 if you don't also supplement with magnesium, boron, and vitamin K and D. ... Your body is a holistic creation -- and the nutrients that support it are too. Forget that fact, as too many physicians and nutritionists do, and you will pay the price down the road."

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The Preventative Way with
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On The Preventative Way page we reveal a number of scientific facts related to how we function at the cellular level to keep our bodies healthy. Visit this page often as new facts, quotes, videos, tips, and traps will be added from time to time.

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