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Motion is Life III: Functional Movement is Key

The sixth article published is entitled Motion is Life III: Functional Movement is Key. Here, in the third article of this four-part series we progress from the stability add mobility phase to motion that is functional in scope. The functional movement training prepares one for the everyday movements of life. The article contains a number of movement tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to maintain your fitness level. The exercise article is 300 words in total.

Enhance your Functional Movement with Movement Training: Movement training is designed to integrate stability and mobility to improve movement efficiency. The next exercises need to focus on the five, movement patterns mentioned previously, and listed below, namely the:

  • squat,
  • lunge,
  • push,
  • pull, and
  • rotation.
Add a proper set of multiplanar, multijoint moves to your routine. This provides a full-body workout that emphasizes your core musculature while you are standing up. And, you learn to perform the above movements in an efficient manner with the correct form.

In this way, you improve both the stability of and range of motion at your joints when doing your movements. This translates into effective, injury-free movements in your daily life, or what is known as enhanced functional movement.

Add External Loads to your Movement: The next step for those who desire to go further is to apply external loads to these same five, movement patterns. This resistance training can be done with free weights and resistance bands, or in some cases with machines. The choice of equipment and load depends on which movement is being performed.

Simulate the Movements of our Paleolithic Ancestors: Our ancient ancestors moved when they hunted for game and gathered up food, and then they rested to conserve energy. They had to climb up and down hills, and over top of fallen trees and rocks. You can do the same.

That concludes the Motion is Life III article. Movement in the outdoors is covered in the next article in the series, which is entitled Motion is Life IV. See you then!

He is the publisher at and owner of Orthocellular Nutrition and Exercise Incorporated.

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