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Motion is Life: 8 Tips to Keep You Moving

The fourth article published is entitled Motion is Life: 8 Tips to Keep You Moving. The article contains eight movement tips that you can incorporate into your lifestyle to maintain your fitness level.

He is also the publisher at and owner of Orthocellular Nutrition and Exercise Incorporated.

The article is 540 words in total.

Yes, motion is life is absolutely true! Explore the movement tips in the article to find out why this is so. The tips are all general in nature, but very effective as a means to keep you on the right path. Let's get started with motion is life.

Tip #1: Walking to and from your Car is Not Enough: This contributes very little to your daily caloric expenditure.

Tip #2: Walking from the Kitchen to the Living Room to watch T.V. is Not Enough: Again, this also adds almost nothing to your caloric burn.

Tip #3: Walking or Cycling to Work is Great: If you can pull this one off, more power to you. This is a great way to get motion in your life and set the tone for the rest of the day. In addition, this contributes significantly to your daily caloric expenditure because the activity is being done early in the day. This revs up your metabolism.

Tip #4: Walking at Lunchtime is also Great: This one is a must! Do it before you eat your lunch. You will also get some sunshine and fresh air, which are two of the essential nutrients we all need more of in our lives. Be sure to pick a quite area for your walk, away from any noise.

Make it brisk and for at least 20-to-30 minutes. This activity can add up to 200 kilocalories to your daily caloric expenditure depending on the duration and intensity of your walk. Your brain will also function at a higher level all afternoon as a result.

Now, consider the next set of movement tips. They are related to what you do while you are at work. Let's explore motion is life further.

Tip #5: Walking around the Office is Good: Whereas the above two tips concern exercise activities, this tip and those that follow are all considered to be non-exercise activities that contribute to a very important term in your daily caloric expenditure equation.

This term is called the Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) factor and is now considered to be just as important as your exercise activity in terms of the total number of kilocalories used up each day.

Q. What exactly are you saying? How can this type of movement count for much?

A. Sitting stationary at your desk all day staring at a computer screen with no conscious movement other than key stroking will get you an expenditure of maybe 75 to 100 kilocalories during an 8-hour period. This is not good enough.

Instead, what you want to do is increase the number of kilocalories expended during your working hours by building movement into your office time to raise your non-exercise activity level. When done right, this can amount to about 300 kilocalories or more each day, which is appreciable.

Tip #6: Standing up and Remaining that Way for Awhile Helps: Again, this is another non-exercise activity that contributes to the NEAT factor mentioned above.

Tip #7: Fidgeting at your Desk also makes a Contribution: This is yet another activity that contributes to the NEAT factor.

Tip #8: Taking the Stairs instead of the Elevator Counts: Here too is another non-exercise activity that contributes to the NEAT factor. All such activity contributes to your daily caloric expenditure.

That concludes the motion is life article.

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